Adult Day Care Coordinator Job Description

By | November 21, 2011

Adult Day Care Coordinator Job Profile and Description

Adult day care coordinators provide care to the adults or elderly people. They can work in a wide variety of positions in an adult day care ranging from volunteering for various activities, or they can work in coordinating various events in the adult day care and looking after administrative functions, or they can also contribute in the position of working as assistant to doctors or other senior adult day care coordinators. Since the elderly population that needs care and love are increasing, it is very important to have such adult day care centres where the elderly people are given due care and respect while also taking care of their daily needs.

Adult Day Care Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities

  • Candidates who want to work as adult day care coordinators may opt to work for full time, part time, or freelance basis whenever time permits. There are a wide range of volunteers in the adult day care centres who try to contribute in every way possible depending on the feasibility of their time.
  • Shifts can be given to various adult day care coordinators so that there are enough people in every batch who will take care of the elderly.
  • Adult day care coordinators can take care of the elderly by providing mental care and taking due care of their illness or chronic ailments.
  • Patients or older people admitted in the adult day care are generally poor and homeless. So adult day care coordinators should make them feel at home and can try to provide financial help to treat the patients of their illnesses.

Adult Day Care Coordinator Skills and Specifications

  • Candidates who want to become adult day care coordinators should necessarily be understanding, caring, and patient with the older people.
  • Candidates who are interested to apply for this position should be physically fit and should mandatorily undergo medical tests to prove their physical fitness and good health.

Adult Day Care Coordinator Education and Qualifications

  • There is no mandatory requirement to become an adult day care coordinator. It needs the attitude to care for the older people rather than an educational qualification.
  • Candidates can improve their attitude and understanding skills by working with any socially driven unit or doing any form of social work.
  • Candidates who are at least high school graduates and who have a background education in medicine can greatly help as the elderly people need to be taken care of physically and mentally.

Adult Day Care Coordinator Salary

Adult day care coordinators may earn a wide range of salary depending on the type of adult day care and depending on the number of hours contributed. Candidates may earn between $20,000 to $100,000 depending on their skill and experience.