Air Hostess Job Description

By | November 21, 2011

Air Hostess Job Profile and Description

An air hostess works in the aviation industry to look after the requirements of the passengers, help them throughout the air journey and answer their queries. An air hostess can work in public or private airline company. Air hostess should have good eye sight, should know swimming, should be unmarried and fall under a certain age. The air hostess should be trained in customer satisfaction and should know how to serve the public before, on and after the journey.

Air Hostess Duties and Responsibilities

  • An air hostess is hired to look after the passenger safety on an air travel.
  • An air hostess must aide the passengers, provide them safety guidelines as and when necessary, and help them with all their air travel related queries.
  • An air hostess should be confident and cheerful. The air hostess should also serve food and drinks to the passengers on travel.
  • An air hostess must have excellent customer satisfaction skills.
  • The air hostess must guide all the passengers towards a safe and happy air travel. So the air hostess should announce certain guidelines to be followed by all passengers during the travel.
  • The air hostess should make the pilot feel comfortable with driving the airline by making the passengers comply with all safety regulations.
  • The air hostess should make a manual check of the tickets of all the passengers.

Air Hostess Skills and Specifications

  • Candidates who are looking to become an air hostess should possess excellent communication skills and knowledge of different languages is a definite plus.
  • Candidates should also apply for a valid passport.
  • Many institutes provide specific training programs for prospective air hostesses which can range for the duration of six months to a year.

Air Hostess Education and Qualifications

  • To become an air hostess, candidates should be in a certain age group which is generally 18 to 21 years of age and they should comply with the height and weight requirements which are specific to different employers.
  • Generally women are preferable for the position of an air hostess.
  • Candidates should at least complete their secondary school and graduation to apply for the post of an air hostess.
  • Generally employers look for unmarried women with pretty personality for the position of an air hostess.

Air Hostess Salary

The air hostesses have a good career opportunity as they get to fly to different regions and countries along with providing their service to the airline companies. An air hostess can start with a compensation of $15,000 per year and eventually grow their income based on their work experience.