Aircraft Airframe/Structural Mechanic Job Profile and Description

The Aircraft Airframe or Structural Mechanic works as part of a maintenance crew tasked with repairing and implementing structural and body enhancements to an aircraft for which the crew is rated to work on. The jobs calls for fabricating sheet metals for replacing worn aircraft body parts, flight control surfaces, fuel cell and tank cleaning and restoration, pylon and windshield replacements with strict dimension tolerances and compliance to FAA maintenance bulletins, based on supplied engineering blueprints.

Aircraft Airframe/Structural Mechanic Duties and Responsibilities

  • Operate gas-based Arc welding equipment, brazing equipment, centering tools, riveting tools and other prescribed sheet metal and structural maintenance tools.
  • Remove dented or worn-out aircraft sheet metal and structural parts.
  • Fabricate new sheet metal body parts to replace removed parts.
  • Cut, trim, bend, and smooth sheet metal parts, ensuring proper fit within tolerances and clearance of parts.
  • Understand and interpret engineering blueprints, illustrations, and specifications to determine layouts, sequences of operations, identities and relationships of parts.
  • Comply with US-FAA aircraft maintenance standards as well as modification bulletins issued by the relevant aircraft manufacturer as approved by in-house engineers.
  • Assist the senior mechanics in fabricating approved aluminum sheet metal into aircraft body panels

Aircraft Airframe/Structural Mechanic Skills and Specifications

  • Must be physically fit to work on heavy sheet metal parts
  • Must always be conscious of safety in any procedure
  • Must be able to understand and apply engineering and FAA bulletins and reference work manuals
  • Must have above average communications and interpersonal skills as the work requires working in a team


Aircraft Airframe/Structural Mechanic Education and Qualifications

  • A high school diploma is basic but a vocational course in any course related to aircraft maintenance or an undergraduate post secondary education in Aerospace Engineering is preferred
  • Must pass the A&P license administered by the US-FAA

Aircraft Airframe/Structural Mechanic Salary

The median wage for the Aircraft Airframe Mechanic in 2009 stood at $21.86 hourly, or $45,470 annualized.