Aircraft Electronics Technician Job description

By | September 8, 2011

Aircraft Electronics Technician Job Description and Profile 

An aircraft Electronics Technicians job is technological specific with no room for error. He would repair, maintain, test and inspect the machine for any technical problems. He should have complete working knowledge of Aircraft and its electronic components. He is also responsible for testing, maintain and repairing the satellite communication and navigation system. He should be well aware about the electronic circuits and in case of a problem, he should place order for procurement of the damaged electronic components. He should have complete knowledge about the aircraft electronics engineering.

Aircraft Electronics Technician Duties and Responsibilities

  • He should be able to find out problem with aircraft electronic and navigation system
  • He should know the technical requirements of navigation and communication system
  • He should maintain the confidentiality of the machine and organization he is working for
  • He should be ready to work at any time and in any weather conditions
  • He should have technical know how about flight control systems
  • He is responsible for cockpit communication, navigation and electronic box maintenance
  • He should have knowledge about cryptographic machine for communication
  • He should have undergone the security clearance procedure

Aircraft Electronics Technician Education, Training and Qualifications

He should be a Graduate from Aviation Maintenance schools for technicians. Before landing in this job he should have compulsory educational qualifications as this is a very technology intensive job. He should have completed a two year or four year course from Avionics Maintenance Academy.

Aircraft Electronics Technician Degrees, Courses & Certification 

An aircraft electronics technician should have completed courses in Mathematics, physics, electronics, chemistry and computer courses related to technology. He should complete the on the job training successfully and in given time frame.

Aircraft Electronics Technician skills and specifications

  • He should be a team player and should always update himself with technical knowledge
  • He should be a good team player
  • He should be good at analytical and logical thinking
  • He should have good eye sight and healthy physical stature
  • He should be ready to work in tough weather conditions
  • He should be good with complex electronic data
  • He should have eye for details
  • He should have strong knowledge of standard operating procedures
  • He should not comprise on standard operating procedures
  • He should have balanced and stress free mind
  • He should be self motivating and hard worker

Aircraft Electronics Technician’s salary/wage

An aircraft electronics technician’s average salary range is $60,000 to $65,000 per annum.