Allergist Job Description

By | November 21, 2011

Allergist Job Profile and Description

The medical professional who is involved in treating allergies and immunity related disorders is called as an allergist. This professional is a certified medical specialist and tries to help patients to get relief from allergic diseases like asthma, problem of sinus, skin rashes, other forms of skin swelling, etc. Most of the allergic disorders are a result of exposure to certain materials in the environment.

Allergist Duties and Responsibilities

  • An allergist can perform a varied range of duties which includes conducting medical tests on the disorders and providing the medical diagnosis so that the right kind of treatment is obtained by the patient.
  • To cure various different forms of allergic reactions, the allergist should be aware of the different reasons that can cause allergy and what is the medication and cure for each of those allergies.
  • The allergist should conduct a systematic diagnosis for the patient who is suffering an allergic reaction. Therefore an allergist should possess good analytical skills.
  • The allergist medical professional also works with laboratory technicians to unearth the reason for the cause of new allergic reactions.
  • The allergist should recommend the right kind of food habits and ways to stay healthy and immune to various diseases. They need to advise for the intake of right skin ointments and medicines for the allergy.

Allergist Skills and Specifications

  • A candidate who wants to become an allergist should have a good eye for detail and must be accurate in his work.
  • Candidates who are interested to become allergists should get their basics on diagnosis and cure right. For this they need to attend the four-year medical college.
  • Candidates who want to apply for the position of an allergist should have good detection and analytical skills so that through various types they diagnose and cure the right reason for allergy.

Allergist Education and Qualifications

  • Interested candidates can enrol into Bachelor degree courses in medicine. They need to complete any additional three year specialised study in allergies.
  • Subjects like pharmacology will teach the foundation on ointments and medicines for various types of allergies.
  • To become a successful allergist, the candidates also need to be thorough with diagnoses of skin diseases, prescription of right drugs, etc.

Allergist Salary

The annual compensation of an allergist is around $105,000. On an average, the median salary of all professionals working as allergists in the United States ranges from $115,000 to $150,000. Through a greater education and work experience, it is very easy for allergists to earn up to $195,000 per annum.