Athletic Director Job Description

By | November 5, 2011

Athletic Director Job Description and Profile

The primary responsibilities of the Athletic Director include planning, organizing, scheduling and maintaining the sports activities of the organization the professional is working. Athletic directors encourage sportsmanship and improvement in the athletic skills of athletic students. He also promotes team spirit for the benefit of the athletic department of the organization. He can be employed in different fields but his primary function is always the same.

Athletic Director Duties and Responsibilities

  • Supervising and administering the athletic program of the organization, he is working for.
  • Overseeing the budget allotted to the athletics department in order to ensure that all requirements of this department is met within this budget.
  • Overseeing the fundraising efforts for the financial benefit of the athletic department
  • Handling the recruitment procedure of new student athletes and ensuring that able people are selected.
  • Assuming an active role in the retention of the student athletes even in face of extreme academic pressures.
  • Ensuring the academic success of student athletes by setting an extracurricular session along with the academic one.
  • Managing the day-to-day operations of the athletic department and supervising the staff and coaches regularly.
  • Planning and scheduling all the athletic officials, events, facilities and transportation and developing daily and long term strategic plans for the department
  • Motivating the class in order to bring out their ability in the athletic field and keeping up to date the safety and fitness trends for the benefit of the athletes.
  • Maintaining a positive attitude for the staff and members and educating the students on the knowledge of the principles of aerobic and exercise techniques

Athletic Director Education, Training and Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree in Sports Science, Health, and Fitness or in related field is highly essential. Five years experience in coaching can be of great aid to prosper in this field.

Athletic Director Degrees, Courses & Certification

Certifications in Sports Science for obtaining a higher position in this field are easily available which can help the professional to land a better job. Job openings in this field are quite vast since these professionals are in great demand today.

Athletic Director Skills and Specifications

  • Highly organized and responsible in nature.
  • Great problem solving abilities.
  • Great communication skills
  • Ability to deal with the customers effectively
  • Excellent ability to deal with children
  • Great supervisory skills
  • Great athletic abilities

Athletic Director Salary/Wage

In 2009, according to the salary offered to the product manager was around $47,000 per year. However, the salary of the training consultant greatly depends on the nature of the job, the expertise and experience of the professional.