Biofeedback Therapist Job Description

By | November 21, 2011

Biofeedback Therapist Job Profile and Description

Biofeedback therapy is a relatively new field of study wherein the body is made to function with superior abilities by using latest technology. The technology is used to increase the ability of the human body to perform an activity or a set of activities. This is made possible by establishing a relation between the mind and the body and to improve the reflexes that mind provides to the body to perform a certain action. Through regular monitoring procedures, the psychological and physical functioning of the body is improved.

Biofeedback Therapist Duties and Responsibilities

  • A biofeedback therapist generally has to work in coordination with various other medical professionals to understand and analyse the behaviour of the human body in response to various actions or impulses.
  • The biofeedback therapist should be aware of the usage of equipment needed to control and measure the body responses.
  • The biofeedback therapist needs to know how to take care of the patient and improves his functions on a continuous basis. The progress of the patient should be supervised regularly and depending on the feedback of the patient, necessary treatment should be done.
  • Biofeedback therapist needs to know the behaviour of the body and the adequate quantity of each substance in the body. This is needed so that the biofeedback therapist can modify the bodily functions with limited variation.
  • Generally biofeedback therapists work in medical centres, nursing homes, hospitals, etc.

Biofeedback Therapist Skills and Specifications

  • Generally employers look for certified candidates who possess license to operate as a biofeedback therapist for the position.
  • Candidates should complete their academic coursework and pass the necessary examinations.
  • Candidates should have a good understanding ability and excellent analytical skills.

Biofeedback Therapist Education and Qualifications

  • Candidates who want to become biofeedback therapists should be aware of the job responsibilities they are required to perform. They should have the specific educational background in Bachelor’s or masters in a field of medicine.
  • Various subjects that might come handy to the interested candidates who want to pursue their career as a biofeedback therapist are anatomy, physiology, medical counselling, etc.
  • Some of the colleges and universities have started with courses in biofeedback therapy which includes training and classroom teaching methods.

Biofeedback Therapist Salary

Depending on the state and the qualifications of the biofeedback therapist, his or her compensation may vary. On an average, the salary of a biofeedback therapist in the United States ranges from $40,000 to $80,000 per annum with the average salary being around $55,000 per annum.