Biology Instructor Job Description

By | July 28, 2011

Biology Instructor Job Profile and Description

Biology instructors deal with science courses for high school or for college students. Biology instructors generally devise course syllabus, create class materials, deliver speeches and invigilate exams. They may also help students in performing laboratory experimentation, grade duty assignments, preparing terminal grade reports. They also serve as consultants to the students and handle a biology or science section.

Biology Instructor Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Ensuring that students acquire new skills and thorough knowledge of the subject matter
  • Teaching students how learning can be very rewarding
  • Must act as a as facilitator
  • Should use interactional discourses and other approaches to better the understanding of the students
  • To boost co-action between the students for solving problems
  • Educating students in a way that they could become an active part of the future work force
  • The students must be able to act with others, adapt to new technologies, and the students must think positively
  • Providing tools and environment to the students for complete overall development of the students

Biology Instructor Job Skills and Specifications

  • Must possess strong instructional skills
  • He should confront command of substance matter
  • Must have Relentlessness
  • Communication skills must be excellent and extraordinary
  • Must be highly organized and should present himself as an example for the students

Biology Instructor Job Education and Qualifications

  • Candidates having a science degree (or another non-education degree) may need to take additional courses in education
  • A bachelor’s degree is required for becoming High School Instructor where as Masters Degree is required for Instructor at the college level

Biology Instructor Job Salary

  • For a Biology instructor the salary lies in the middle range
  • Experience could come in handy for selection in the job
  • Biology Instructor gets an income in between 27,000$ to 69,000$ per month