Claims Investigator Job Description

By | November 21, 2011

Claims Investigator Job Profile and Description

As a claims investigator, one has to be totally involved with the claims made by customers and policyholders. The legitimacy of claims have to be established first which is ensured by a claims investigator and the job measures the extent to which negotiation can be reached to make both sides of the legal fence happy. The validation of claims is made on the basis of extensive studies which the investigator has to finish and give his verdict. The chief part of the job is to initiate and mediate the services that are to be rendered to the customers after a crisis like accident, medical ailment or death of a family member.

Claims Investigator Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities are manifested in the following tasks and operations:

  • Ascertaining the claim of customer by visiting the accident spot and investigating the place
  • Collecting information and recording details and facts about the accident and the victim from the eye witnesses
  • Initiating contact with representatives from different professional areas to assist the customer
  • Coordinating the relationship between the customer and the legal advocate of the company
  • Assuring completion of the paperwork and report on time
  • Deciding on the negotiation methods and liability formalities
  • Upkeep of  payment processes

Claims Investigator Skills and Specifications

The following skills would assure a good career in claims investigation:

  • Abstract intelligence and common sense to judge the situation at face value
  • Sound skills in reading and mathematics
  • Ability to absorb and retain large pools of information along with adaptive skills to fit into the situation comfortably
  • Time management skill complimented by executive skills for easy and fast organization
  • Ability to stay steady and confident during difficult situations
  • Communicative skills to make excellent communications and understanding with people

Claims Investigator Education and Qualifications

The field is not restricted to only a certain section but all graduates can apply if the following degrees are present in his/her CV:

  • College degree in law, business management, economics or mathematics
  • Supporting degree in computer
  • Management training experience or on-the-job training with insurance agencies
  • Post-graduate degree as an additional qualification

Claims Investigator Salary

The average salary of a claims investigator is $60,000 with variations from one level to another within the job. Additional gains are always entertained on this job from company car to economical insurance offers.