Compensation and Benefits Manager Job Profile and Description

A Compensation and Benefits Manager is responsible for planning, directing, or coordinating compensation and benefits operations and staff of a company. He develops tools to help employees in selection of benefits, and guide managers regarding decisions related to compensation.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A Compensation and Benefits Manager has to investigate and report on industrial accidents for insurance companies
  • He represents the organization at personnel-related hearings
  • He has to prepare job descriptions and define job levels and families by collaborating with other managers
  • He resolves labour disputes and grievances
  • He prepares budgets for personnel operations and also makes forecasts to project employment needs
  • He must be in touch with vendors to provide employee services, like phone services, transportation etc
  • He must advise the management on equal employment opportunity, racism, sexual harassment or any sort of discrimination
  • He is directly involved in the preparation and distribution of written and verbal information to inform employees of benefits, compensation, and or any other policies
  • He has to direct and review employee benefit programs
  • He has to conduct new employee orientations to help him acclimatize himself and understand objectives of the organisation
  • He must design, evaluate and modify the policies to make sure that all the programs are competitive and in compliance with legal requirements
  • He has to maintain records and compile statistical reports related to the staff like hires, transfers, appraisals, absenteeism rates etc

Skills and Specifications

  • A Compensation and Benefits Manager must be organised and systematic
  • He should have good communications skills
  • He should be discreet and aware of the company’s policies

Education and Qualifications

One can go for an MBA or a course in human resources in order to be a Compensation and Benefits Manager. A commerce degree will also help.