Dental Assistant Job Description

By | November 21, 2011

Dental Assistant Job Profile and Description

A dental assistant is a professional who works under the guidance and supervision of a professional dentist. The dental assistant gets the equipment ready for procedures need to be done on the dental patients, keep the patients informed about the tests and other procedures, and helps the dentist while conducting the dental treatments on the patients. These are basic functions which every dental assistant must do alongside the main dentist. Other functions that dental assistants could specialise in may include taking oral pictures, conducting x-rays on the patients, extracting teeth, fixing gums, etc.

Dental Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

  • The dental assistant can perform both technical and administrative duties in the dental hospital. The dental assistant gets the details of all patients in queue along with their problems. The dental assistant should get the machinery ready and working before every treatment of a patient.
  • The dental assistant places the patient in his chair and makes him or her feel comfortable before the dental procedure is conducted.
  • The dental assistant stays alongside the dentist and caters to all his requirements during the dental operation as per the instruction of the dentist.
  • The dental assistant not just supports the dentist during his procedures but also plays a key role in making the patients and general public aware of the safety issues and personal hygiene to be maintained to be free of dental problems.
  • The dental assistant works with the dental laboratory technicians to clean up the dentistry crowns and prepares the machinery.
  • The dental assistant also looks after keeping up-to-date records of all the patients.

Dental Assistant Skills and Specifications

  • Candidates who want to become dental assistants should know the basic job duties under a dentist along with performing radiological procedures.
  • Most of the employers need candidates to obtain certification as a necessary condition to start working as a dental assistant.

Dental Assistant Education and Qualifications

  • Most employers just need the candidates who have completed their basic high school diploma to perform the basic duties. Most of the dentists provide on-the-job training to the dental assistants on the duties and responsibilities that are expected of them.
  • Most of the dental offices require dental assistants to have a certificate in dental assisting.
  • Most of the dental assistants enrol in dentist schools and colleges whereby they gain the training programs specifically designed for dental assistants.

Dental Assistant Salary

Depending on the level of experience, qualification and certification, the earnings of dental assistants may vary. It also depends on the location and state they are working in. The hourly mean wage of a dental assistant is about $16.35 per hour which translates to $35,000 approximately per year. The highest mean wage can reach up to $21 per hour.