Dietitian Job Description

By | November 21, 2011

Dietitian Job Profile and Description

A dietitian is a medical professional who helps the patients in proper intake of diets so as to make them healthy and free of ailments. Daily nutritious diet helps the patients to develop a strong immunity in their bodies and they are able to better recuperate from their diseases. A dietician also provides information through various forums on proper eating habits and the dos and don’ts of daily diet. Dieticians can work in a wide variety of positions depending on their specialisation. They also work in coordination with other medical professionals so that the patients receive proper treatment and diet information.

Dietitian Duties and Responsibilities

  • The services of dieticians are required by many organisations which include hospitals, schools, other food service companies, etc.
  • There are basic set responsibilities that dietitians working in any area should be responsible for performing like they should work closely with their clients and in coordination with various other medical professionals with the aim that the clients should eat healthy and stay healthy.
  • Sometimes dieticians also can work with social workers or health care workers to understand the needs of a section of society and devise good diet plan for them.
  • The dieticians also visit colleges and universities to teach students on various food products. These students are also taught on the composition of ingredients of various types of food products so that new and improved varieties of food can be developed.
  • Dieticians may also work independently for advising and educating various governmental and non-governmental organizations on proper nutritional and dietary standards.

Dietitian Skills and Specifications

  • Candidates who want to become an established dietician should be aware of all the proper health and food habits that can keep people of different age healthy.
  • The candidates should also be aware of the proper health standards as mandated by various state governments and follow them in their practices.

Dietitian Education and Qualifications

  • Most of the states mandate candidate to possess a license to start working as a qualified dietitian.
  • The dietician should possess at least a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution and complete the program as authorised.
  • Most of the states also necessitate dieticians for completing internship for at least nine hundred hours before they can start working independently and acquiring their own clients.
  • The internship ensures that the dietician works under proper guidance and learns proper standards and practices being employed.

Dietitian Salary

The average salary of a dietician is in the range of $29,000 to $45,000 per year. The exact amount of compensation various with different state and is also a function of the education level obtained by the person and work experience gained over the years.