Editorial Director Job Description

By | November 5, 2011

Editorial Director Job Description and Profile

Editorial Director is in the responsibility of maintaining an appreciable quality of the content produced by an editorial organization. He is the guiding star of editors and audits all editorial work for the best results. He is responsible for offering accurate and impeccable information in form of write-ups to the readers. He would also take care of the publishing area of the write-ups.

Editorial Director Duties and Responsibilities

  • Developing, managing and executing the overall editorial plans within the marketing-related content for enhancing the readership and generating greater leads.
  • Writing different articles, blogs, newsletters, social media posts, special reports, webinars etc in association with the Marketing team.
  • Establishing, managing and optimizing the editorial production program of internal nature.
  • Establishing, managing and executing all the editorial standards, processes, guidelines and styles in between different departments for ensuring the brand consistency.
  • Establishing superior quality benchmarks and producing valuable editorial and marketing write-ups.
  • Editing all the editorial and marketing materials for maximizing the impact and results.
  • Identifying and executing upon diverse cross-promotional write up opportunities in between sister-companies.
  • Assisting the Director of sales, marketing and Executive Management in devising new editorial ideas.
  • Researching the viable editorial write-ups via both internal and external resources.
  • Participating in sister-company workshops, events, webinars and clinics and researching, analyzing and implementing new content methodologies for best results.
  • Managing and overseeing all the editorial department finance programs.

Editorial Director Education, Training And Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree in English or Publishing is imperative. However, a master’s degree is more preferable. Awareness of marketing, sales etc is highly important in order to understand the dynamics of editorial work. At least five years experience in the field of editing or mass communication is necessary.

Editorial Director Degrees, Courses & Certification

Certifications on editing, advertising are available which can help the professional to earn a strong position in the industry. The demand for such professional is quite high, as a result of which a professional with requisite expertise can land up a good job here. Often the assistant and junior editors are promoted to the position of editor director once the credentials required attaining the position.

Editorial Director Skills And Specifications

  • Highly creative in nature
  • Great supervisory skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Awareness about the recent editorial trends
  • Responsible and organized
  • Stress tolerance
  • Excellent knowledge of editing and publishing

Editorial Director Salary/Wage

The salary of the editorial director is about $150,000 per year. However, the salary of this professional depends on the nature, experience and nature of the industry he/ she is working for.