Energy Specialist Job Description

By | May 26, 2011

Energy Specialist Job Description and Profile

Under direction, the job of Energy Specialist entails managing the environmental review, compliance programs and permit processing for various energy projects and tasks. The Energy Specialist supervises all professional as well as technical staff in the preparation of environmental documents. He performs planning related to the development of offshore energy and performs other related tasks required of him. He likewise manages energy programs such as budgetary preparations and control as well as contract work as performed by the unit’s technical consultants.

Duties and Specifications

  • Assigns and evaluates all work of staff and provides training to him as needed.
  • Reviews permit proposal in energy development as well as project designs.
  • Reviews and provide comments on proposals on coast leasing, abandonment and development from federal and state agencies and monitors various permit compliance activities.
  • Chooses technical consultants and directs them in their preparation of environmental documents and other related reports for energy-related types of projects.
  • Prepares the preparation of reports on energy and related projects.
  • Appears before agencies such as Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission to discussion about energy-related matters.
  • Conducts or analysis and research for studies that are related to long-term policies and plans on energy development.

Skills and Specifications

  • Ability to analyze energy reports as well as data and draw conclusions and develop recommendations.
  • Must know how to appear before public meetings.
  • Be able to interpret engineering plans for any project to assess potential environmental impact.
  • Be able to assess compliance with permit needs.
  • Prepare clear and succinct reports and correspondences.
  • Be able to cooperate and work with staff members, public and agency officials, energy industry members and the public in general.

Education and Qualifications

  • Must have a bachelor’s degree in the field of urban planning or science and 3 years of professional experience in environmental assessments as well as compliance activities and programs that are related to energy.