Facility Engineer Job Description

By | July 28, 2011

Facility Engineer Job Profile and Description

Facility engineer are engineers who specialize in Facility-based projects. They are responsible for demonstrating, building and enforcing the best exercises for all projects and functions within the facility. They are in charge of programming and coordinating inspections and repairs. Testing and calibration of all electrical and mechanical systems is the responsibility of the facility engineer.

Facility Engineer Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Responsible for all functions that take place within the facilities department
  • Ensure economic functionality of the department
  • Developing strategies and plans for the continuous improvement of the department
  • Participating in excerption, appraisal and commendation of subcontractors and vendors to bring off a better deal
  • Provide necessary training to the members of the staff
  • To study equipment performance for facilities and molding operation.
  • Responsible for overseeing all preventive maintenance work
  • Researching and developing planned enhancements for improvement
  • Facilities engineers are anticipated to control subsisting systems for fire detection
  • Developing methods and equipments for improving efficiency of all these resources
  • Presenting technical data results to some technical and non-technical clients

Facility Engineer Job Skills and Specifications

  • Should have eminent level of technical competence in sustaining electrical and mechanical systems
  • Excellent verbal and non verbal communication skills
  • Leadership skills for leading teams

Facility Engineer Job Education and Qualifications

  • Must have a Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering or environmental science or geography or geology or mechanical engineering or geophysics
  • Generally a master’s degree is required for working in this field

Facility Engineer Job Salary

  • The salary for a Facility Engineer is in the mediocre range
  • Salary is decided on the basis of experience. The more experience you have, the better it is
  • Facility Engineer has a pay range of 5,500$ to 15,200$ per month