Farm Laborer Job Description

By | May 30, 2011

Farm Laborer Job Profile and Description

The farming sector is the biggest among the sectors available in this planet and it is such a sector which is not going to dies as far as human population is present in this planet. Interestingly, most number of the people is working in the farming sector than any other sector. Farming is a labor intensive job and carried out all over the world. The job of a farm labor is to take care of the farming, broadly.

Farm Laborer Duties and Responsibilities

  • The duty of a farm laborer starts from sowing the seed and ends at reaping the fruits and there are various processes are there in between and he or she has to take care of those all.
  • First of all, he or she has to prepare the field to sow the seeds, the he or she has the responsibility of sowing the seed, and then he or she has to water them and so on.

Farm Laborer Skills and Specifications

    • A farm laborer should have the knowledge about the various process involved in farming and he or she should possess skills to execute that.
    • He or she should have knowledge about the all modern technologies involved in today‚Äôs farming.
    • He or she should possess about various farming equipments and should know how to operate those equipments.

Farm Laborer Education and Qualification

  • The education and qualification does not matter a lot as far as farm laborer job is concerned.
  • However, if someone has got any qualification, then he or she would be considered as a better candidate for this job.

Farm Laborer Job Salary

  • The salary of this job varies from person to person according to their potencies and skills. Generally, the salary comes in a range of $500-$1000 per month.