Field Crop Harvest Worker Job Description

By | May 30, 2011

Field Crop Harvest Worker Job profile and Description

The field harvest worker, harvests crops in farms such as broomcorn, peanuts, cotton, sugarcane and that is the working capacity of a crew member. The position entails working in the farm amidst other farm workers and participating in the actual harvesting of crops. The field crop harvest worker does the worker of gathering mature crop that is ready for harvesting and goes on to pack it and stack it for transport to the market.

Field Crop Harvest Duties and Responsibilities

  • Harvesting of crops that are ready for the market.
  • Trimming of crops that are overly overgrown and shabby.
  • Pruning of crops so as to ensure there no competition for nutrients.
  • Walks crawls and sits in between rows of crops to be able to reach crops that are ready for harvest.
  • Gathering harvested crop ready for packing to be taken to the market.
  • Collecting and carrying of bales, bundles, containers or sacks of harvested crop to collection points or loading bays.
  • Nurturing crops in the garden to ensure that they do not wither on damp soil.
  • Gathering scattered and dry vines, leaves, pods or stems for burning or disposal.

Field Harvest Worker Skills and Specifications

  • Be enthusiastic about crops and crops management.
  • Environment and nature friendly also a good conservationist.
  • Have knowledge about packaging and storage of crops.
  • Ability to maintain a strict working schedule and be able to keep time.
  • Clean and hygienic.
  • Ability to work with little or no supervision.
  • Knowledge of crops and how to handle them.

Field Harvest Worker Education and Qualification

  • Diploma or Degree in Agriculture.
  • Knowledge or study of the following subjects is considered important in this field: biology, botany, biological sciences and natural sciences.

Field Harvest Worker Salary

  • Field Harvest workers salary is between $ 600 – $ 1700 per month.