Fire Engineer Inspector Job Description

By | May 27, 2011

Fire Engineer Inspector Job Description and Profile

Under general supervision, the Fire Engineer Inspector’s job entails driving all kinds of fire apparatus in response to any emergency incidents. He utilizes and maintains pumping devices and tools that are found on the apparatus. In the absence of the fire captain, he assumes responsibility in supervising of fire station. The fire engineer performs regular inspection activities and tasks in commercial businesses and structures. He does other related activities that are designed in the prevention and fighting of fires.

Duties and Specifications

  • Responds quickly to fire as well as other emergency incidents by driving any type of fire apparatus of any type or size to a particular location.
  • Assists in maintaining and keeping the first station and surrounding areas.
  • Performs adequate inspection of industrial, commercial, hospital, residential and school structures in order to detect fire hazards and impose proper corrections.
  • Determine if a structure complies with regulations and ordinances on fire safety.
  • Investigates occurrence of fires to determine their cause and origin.
  • Surveys all facilities on fire protection such as the locations where fire extinguishers are kept.
  • Maintains and keeps records and prepares various reports of fire incident investigations.
  • Instructs and trains fire personnel in the area of  fire prevention methods and techniques,

Skills and Specifications

  • Able to drive heavy types of fire apparatus in response to any emergency incident.
  • Must be able to operate, utilize and maintain water pumping apparatus.
  • Be able to head and train the staff in his unit when required.
  • Able to amicably live and work in continued contact with other employees.
  • Conducts investigations, performs findings, and creates all types of reports as well as recommendations.
  • Must be able to effectively speak in a public setting.
  • Be able to establish effective and harmonious work relations with employees and staff.

Education and Qualifications

  • Possesses High School Diploma and 2 years experience as a fulltime firefighter.
  • Possesses and maintains valid Fire Fighter Driver’s License (Class B-restricted).