Fish Farm Manager Job Description

By | May 30, 2011

Fish Farm Manager Job profile and Description

A fish farm manager is responsible for rearing and breeding of fish for wholesale and retail purposes. Fish farm managers are allocated with the duties of supervising and managing the operations that go on in a fish farm. They oversee the day to day running of the fish farm and ensure there are smooth and efficient operations. The work entails hatching of fish eggs from adult stock and then rearing them till they attain a certain size where they are sold off to interested purchasers. Fish managers are also tasked with integrating innovative methods of breeding and trapping fish that are environmental conscious and economically viable.

Fish Farm Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  • Managing of fish ponds and habitats.
  • Stock health and welfare issues both for the fish and the working staff in the fish farm.
  • Ensure that the fish are fed at the right meal times and right meal quantities.
  • Supervision of maintenance of equipment’s and fish cages.
  • Conduct sale of mature fish to customers and consumers

Fish Manager Skills and Specifications

  • Have enthusiasm for fish and their welfare.
  • Environment and nature conservation conscious.
  • Have knowledge about administrative and managerial fish farming procedures.
  • Possess well organizational, communication and personality and the ability to do tasks under a stress full environment.
  • Ability to maintain a strict fishing schedule and plan

Fish Farm Manager Education and qualification

  • Bachelor’s degree in Aquaculture, Fisheries management and applied chemical and biological sciences.
  • Knowledge or study of the following subjects is also important: agriculture, marine science or oceanography, biology, veterinary science and zoology.
  • Prior practice in a fish farm is also important.
  • Experience of three years in the same field is also considered.

Fish Farm Manager Salary and Benefits

  • Fish farm managers earn about $900- $1500 a week.
  • The position earns one opportunities of constant supplies of surplus fish for consumption.