Health Education Associate Job Description

By | May 27, 2011

Health Education Associate Job Description and Profile

The job of the Health Education Associate entails planning, evaluating and coordinating the activities and staff members of any public health education scheme or program. The Health Education associate conducts presentations on health education and performs other related tasks and duties as may be required. He is assigned to administer the health activities of specialized schemes like obstetrics, dental disease prevention, tobacco cigarette prevention, animal regulation, car passenger safety and AID health services.

Duties and Specifications

  • Plans, coordinates and develops health education schemes and programs for the prevention of diseases and promotion of good health.
  • Participates in activities in the development of program and project plans as well as objectives and goals.
  • Develops the appropriate procedures necessary in the accomplishment of program and plan objectives and make sure that these comply with State guidelines.
  • Monitors and controls service and program expenditures.
  • Assists in the creation and development of various contracts.
  • Compiles important data necessary for the development of the program’s budget.
  • Identifies various needs such as staff, supplies, salaries and proposed fund sources.

Skills and Specifications

  • Able to evaluate health education requirements of program participants.
  • Must know how to conduct surveys.
  • Able to develop and create a variety of documents and reports.
  • Be able to collect and examine data, draw the correct conclusions, and create recommendations.
  • Must know how to plan and implement services.
  • Be able to coordinate different types of program activities.
  • Must delegate work and evaluate the performance of staff members.
  • Able to gain full cooperation and support from the community.
  • Must communicate orally and in writing with people for all types of social, economic and ethnic types of backgrounds.
  • Must be able to exercise independent type of judgment.
  • Be able to categorize health and medical education materials.
  • Must maintain harmonious work relationships with the staff, agencies and program participants.

Education and Qualifications

  • Possession of a master’s degree in Public Health with an emphasis in community health education from a school of public health recognized by the American Public Health Association.
  • Possession of a valid California Class C Driver’s License.