HR Operations Manager Job Description

By | August 17, 2011

HR Operations Manager Profile and Description

HR operations manager is needed by any company with large staff. The primary job is to look after the daily operations of the workforce. Among others, the job focuses on recruiting eligible employees, terminate when needed, placement of the employee, training and development and also to look after payroll and compensation.

HR Operations Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  • The prime responsibility of HR operations manager is to recruit right people for the job. Provide them training if necessary and look after their salary package.
  • If the time comes to terminate someone from the job, you should be capable of handling it.
  • Development of the employee base is to be looked into carefully. Chalk out plans and implement them for the same.
  • Look out for capable individuals and urge them to fill job openings.

HR Operations Manager Skills and specifications

  • The major skill in this field is analytical management. Your decision affects employees directly. Hence, the need to know on how to keep them satisfied.
  • Knowledge on all different branches of human resources is a must. You might have to look after different issues at a time.
  • Excellent conversation skill is a must.

HR Operations Manager education and Qualification

  • For post of HR Operations Manager, a Bachelor’s degree is required. It should be in HR management or any business related subject.
  • A master’s degree is always better. It increases scope and better development down the years. Any other certificate on top of this is a bonus.
  • Work experience is an important factor. Some big companies look for 5-8 years of experience in this field.

HR Operations Manager Salary

  • HR Operations Manager gets paid handsomely.
  • Salary increases with experience. More the experience, more your value.
  • Average salary is around $68k. The jobs start at about $40K and go as high as $80K.