Internet Marketing Training Job Description

By | August 17, 2011

Internet Marketing Training Job Profile and Description

Web sites on the internet are nothing without proper marketing. In the web world you are what others perceive you to be. There are many websites out there still waiting for their cash registers to start rolling; the problem is not with the kind of content that they have, but the marketing strategies they employed to attract visitors. The internet is a very crowded place and if the marketing techniques are not right you’d left biting dust while others savor the moolah.  As a marketing trainer, you’d have to have the necessary skills to promote a site successfully in the first place and along with it you should also have the necessary skills to train people.

Internet Marketing Training Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • You need to have the tricks to promote a site up your sleeve, so you know what to tell people when they want to learn it from you.
  • Training skills are necessary and you need to have excellent communication skills also.

Internet Marketing Training Job Skills and Specifications

  • You need to be able to train people in a way that at least the gist remains with them, even if they forget the bells and whistles. 
  • You should keep yourself updated on the latest marketing trends and also be able to incorporate them in your training presentations.

Internet Marketing Training Job Education and Qualifications

  • This is a senior level position, so a management degree would be essential.
  • Experience in training people would do you good, but what you need most is the knowledge of internet marketing. Some experience as an SEO would be of help.

Internet Marketing Training Salary

  • Salary is commensurate with experience and qualifications, but it should not be less than $8000 per month.