Internet Multimedia Designer Job Description

By | August 17, 2011

Internet Multimedia Designer Profile and Description

Layout and design of a website is an integral part of the way an online portal does business or attracts customers. As an internet multimedia designer you’d be responsible for designing web pages that employ multimedia. Usually landing pages are not too much into multimedia, but animated logos, figures etc. have multimedia in them and it’s the job of a multimedia designer to make sure that the designs are appealing enough to attract and retain visitors and also to make sure that the designs are compliant with the SEO and marketing standards.

Internet Multimedia Designer Duties and Responsibilities

  • As an internet multimedia designer it’s your job to look after the design aspects of the web site you are working for.
  • You need to have a keen sense of aesthetics (not to mention requisite training in designing) and need to be able to work closely with the design team head and the content teams.

Internet Multimedia Designer Job Skills and Specifications

  • You should have thorough knowledge of multimedia design platforms like flash, Maya etc. and be able to incorporate company values and vision into the designs you create and upload.
  • You need to be able to strike a balance between multimedia stuff and non-multimedia components for a web site. It would be pertinent to mention that search engines usually do not prefer multimedia content on sites when crawling web pages, but they are required to make users understand things better and also for the overall appeal of a site. So, the correct balance needs to be maintained.

Internet Multimedia Designer Job Education and Qualifications

  • You need to have a diploma or certificate in multimedia designing and also experience in working for a high end multimedia studio.
  • A management degree would give your C.V the extra edge over other candidates, should you aspire to become a team leader some day.

Internet Multimedia Designer Salary

  • A good multimedia designer can draw around $8000 per month.