Manufacturing Information System Manager Job Description

By | September 8, 2011

Manufacturing Information System Manager Job Description and Profile

A manufacturing Information system manager is responsible for manufacturing as well as the information system of a production unit.  He is responsible for engineers who work on systems and machinery and production staff who work towards manufacturing of the product

Manufacturing Information System Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  • He is responsible for productivity of manufacturing as well as the engineering department
  • Responsible for budgeting, planning and supervision of team
  • Responsible for preparing work schedules and budgets for different department
  • Responsible for training and hiring of candidates for job
  • Responsible for giving HR and technical guidelines to production and engineering team
  • Responsible for repair, maintenance and procurement of machines
  • Responsible for staff augmentation and retention
  • Responsible for production and engineering related documentation

Manufacturing Information system Manager Education, Training and Qualification

A  Manufacturing information system manager should be basically engineer in industrial, production, automation or electrical stream. But person with Masters in these subjects is more in demand. A managerial experience in a large manufacturing unit is always an added advantage.

Manufacturing Information system Manager Degree, Courses and Certifications

Along with technical qualification certification course from college or university in business administration or Information system is always preferred by employers. On the job training in initial years helps in gaining industry knowledge and also grabbing a better job opportunity.

Manufacturing Information system Manager Skills and Specifications

  • He should be a good team leader and motivator
  • He should have good product knowledge and should be able to impart that to team
  • He should be good in team building activities and should help in increasing the employee efficiency
  • He should be able to draft and make team follow guidelines for different operational procedures
  • He should have complete technological knowledge and he should update himself and team with latest technological developments
  • He should be good at oral and written communication
  • He should follow and make people follow the standard industry safety norms
  • He should be well aware about federal rules for industry
  • He should help n cutting the maintenance and repair cost of the machinery
  • He should be able to handle people, information and technology
  • He should be well aware about the internal control of manufacture information system and should use it in the best of the organization.

Manufacturing Information system Managers Salary/wages

A Manufacturing Information system Manager salary ranges from $ 50,000 to $105,000 per annum.