Motor Pool Dispatcher Job Description

By | May 27, 2011

Motor Pool Dispatcher Job Description and Profile

Under general supervision, the job of the Motor Pool Dispatcher entails assigning and keeping computerized records of company vehicles utilized in motor pool. He likewise performs related tasks and duties as required. The Motor Pool Dispatcher is responsible in the day-to-day operation of motor pool and scheduling of serving of pool vehicles.

Duties and Specifications

  • Assigns motor pool cars to employees and staff upon request.
  • Ensures worker is assigned a car that best suits transportation requirements of such worker.
  • Collects mileage information and other relevant data ensuring appropriate billing.
  • Supervises storing and parking of cars.
  • Maintains an automated log of all cars connected to the pool.
  • Transfers pool vehicle requisitions to computerized database.
  • Records requisitions of car pools.
  • Runs full reports to make sure that cars are serviced promptly.
  • Makes visual inspections of vehicles in order to determine need for maintenance, servicing and repairs.
  • Shuttles cars between service center and parking lots whenever necessary.
  • Performs cleaning duties like car vacuuming, washing and waxing.
  • Fuels vehicles at both company and external fueling stations.

Skills and Specifications

  • Able to determine most appropriate car for customer needs.
  • Must keep simple vehicle records with the use of computerized system.
  • Must know how to use specialized software.
  • Be able to run day-to-day maintenance reports.
  • Able to check oil and fluids whenever necessary.
  • Must operate safely a variety of cars.
  • Be able to know when to fuel vehicles.
  • Inspect vehicles visually for any servicing needs.
  • Must know how to vacuum, wash and wax cars.
  • Develop good and harmonious work relations with motor pool clients, vendors and general public.

Education and Qualifications

  • One year of relevant experience with day-to-day client interaction that includes the use of computerized cash register or automated record keeping system.
  • Possession of valid State Driver’s License (Class C). Possession of Class B Driver’s License is highly desirable.