Music Teacher Job Description

By | July 28, 2011

Music Teacher Job Profile and Description

Music teachers teach students music which can be vocal or instrumental or both of these. They must develop the feeling in the children for enjoying music. Music should serve the polish their soul and also maintain the respect and integrity of the music. They have the choice of working full time or part time at home, in a studio, or in an elementary or secondary school, college, university, or music conservatory.

Music Teacher Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Select and plan class content, steps and exercises for the music class according to the potential of individual students
  • Selecting music according to the suitability of the class and curriculum
  • He/she must act as an example, for other students to follow
  • Teach music as a recreational factor for the students
  • Instructing students in the technical aspects of music and conduct rehearsals with the students
  • Develop the confidence in students to participate in various music competitions

Music Teacher Job Skills and Specifications

  • Practical ability to teach music and perform among groups that may be small or large in number
  • Teaching music from stage 1 to increasing order
  • A lot of patience to deal with the students
  • Good communicational and strong observational skills
  • Ability to encourage students to learn and succeed
  • Ability to maintain productive relations and positive attitude towards students

Music Teacher Job Education and Qualifications

  • Must have learnt music from a recognized maestro
  • Experience is the factor responsible for recruitment
  • A degree in music and a State certification enables a candidate to apply for teaching positions in schools

Music Teacher Job Salary

  • Music Teachers have average salaries
  • Experience is the deciding factor in this field
  • Music Teacher get a salary in the range of 1700$ to 5600$ per month