Nuclear Engineer Job Description

By | July 28, 2011

Nuclear Engineer Job Profile and Description

Nuclear engineers gather data about the processes that produce nuclear energy. They interpret the properties of the radiation and radioactive atoms produced in nuclear reactions. They are trained their knowledge of engineering for designing, constructing, developing, researching and operating nuclear power plants. They also use this knowledge for developing other technologies related to the use of nuclear energy.

Nuclear Engineer Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Designing, formulating and improving new and old nuclear devices
  • Developing methods and equipments for improving efficiency of using nuclear energy
  • Developing new and safer methods to dispose off nuclear wastes
  • Working in teams to figure out engineering problems
  • Working and assisting scientists for the improvement in technologies related to this field
  • Gaining knowledge about the structure and dynamics of matter and energy for improvement in the working and use of nuclear energy
  • Leading teams and engineers for working on the sites

Nuclear Engineer Job Skills and Specifications

  • Should be intelligent and creative
  • Must remain highly motivated and should initiate solutions to various problems
  • Exceptional communicational skills to explain the models and strategies in detail
  • Highly ethical in character and approach
  • Should possess strong technological skills
  • Excellent time management skills in case of emergencies
  • Should be trustworthy as wrong use of this technology could lead to serious issues

Nuclear Engineer Job Education and Qualifications

  • Must have a Bachelor’s degree in science, physics or engineering
  • Generally a master’s degree is required for working in this field

Nuclear Engineer Job Salary

  • Good salaries are given to Nuclear engineers
  • Salary range varies according to the past experiences of the individual
  • Nuclear Engineer earns an income in the range of 4,400$ to 10,300$ per month