Oil surveyor Job Description

By | September 8, 2011

Oil surveyor Job Description and Profile

An oil surveyor is responsible for accurately locating the resource of oil. He must understand the sea bed and offshore locations for accurate spotting of oil. He is also responsible for data interpretation and data acquisition in the marine locations. He is responsible for morphological mapping of sea beds and off shore locations for precise findings.

Oil surveyor Duties and Responsibilities

  • He is responsible for data acquisition and further analysis of the same
  • He is responsible to carry out surveys deep inside the sea or offshore locations
  • He is responsible for designing and planning the oil surveys
  • He is responsible to carry out these surveys using different equipment for accurate results
  • He is responsible to carry out safe surveys with standing operating procedures
  • He should use accurate information from morphological mapping to create navigational plan in marine or offshore locations
  • He is responsible for making reports for offshore and on shore customers
  • He is also responsible for communication of accurate information regarding the survey location
  • He should be well aware about the morphology of sea bed

Oil surveyor Education, Training and Qualifications

An oil surveyor should be an engineer or bachelors degree in surveying. He should be trained under an experienced for four years post education, for carrying out this job successfully

Oil surveyor Degrees, Courses & Certification

He must undergo in house training for gaining knowledge about the technology and learning the trick of the trade. As an intern with experienced oil surveyor he must assimilate as much knowledge as possible

Oil surveyor Skills and Specifications

  • He should be a team player
  • He should be self motivated and hard worker as he is required to work deep under the sea
  • He must have good eye sight and physical standards as he is required to travel for long hours and at time stand for long hours.
  • He should follow all the standing operation procedural guidelines as he works on off shore locations and in sea
  • He should be well prepared for any fire related accidents
  • He should be computer savvy
  • He should know the usage of global positioning systems
  • He should be good oral and written communicator
  • He should have an eye for detailing as he designs the blue print of the survey location

Oil surveyor‘s Salary/Wage

An oil surveyor’s salary ranges from $20,000 to $40,000 as per his work experience and company he works for.