Optical engineer job description and profile

Optical engineers deals with various aspects of light such as laser beams, light sensitive devices such as cameras and photonics. Their work is based on applying physical concepts of light in engineering. They are also involved in design and development of machines, devices and equipment for emission of lasers and other forms of light.

Optical engineer duties and specifications

The duties and responsibilities of optical engineer are:

  • Studying properties of light as per the company’s interests
  • Developing and designing light sensitive devices
  • Designing electronic circuits required for the devices
  • Meeting and discussing requirements with clients, understanding them and incorporating them in design and development of equipment
  • Formulating testing procedures and running tests on devices to note efficiency and working towards improvement
  • Working in a team to achieve common company goals
  • Adhering to specifications related to designing light sensitive devices such as safety measures and state standards
  • Ensuring that the vehicle functions in accordance with objectives
  • May have to meet with sales and marketing executives to discuss aspects of device that can help in promotion of product
  • Take up repair and maintenance works of various light sensitive devices
  • May have to play a major role in the device manufacture process
  • May have to train junior or entry level engineers
  • May be involved in laser eye clinics and surgeries

Optical engineer skills and specifications

The skills and specifications of optical engineer are:

  • Excellent technical knowledge regarding optical engineering
  • Ability to regularly update knowledge as per new developments and implement development in design
  • High creativity
  • Excellent analytical, mathematical and observation skills

Optical engineer education and qualification

The education and qualification of optical engineer are:

  • Bachelor’s in electrical and electronic engineering
  • Master’s in engineering is highly preferable

Optical engineer salary

The salary of an optical engineer ranges between $50,000 and $110,000 per annum and the median salary is $70,000.