Pharmaceutical Marketing Manager Job Description

By | September 8, 2011

Pharmaceutical Marketing Manager Job Description and Profile

The pharmaceutical marketing manager is responsible for the marketing activities of a pharmaceutical company in the constantly changing industry scenario. He or she executes the sales promotional activities, placing the advertisements, and other marketing strategies. The pharmaceutical marketing manager is responsible for the product introduction and the management of the product life cycle. He or she designs, develops, implements, and analyzes the various marketing strategies and media used to market and promote the new products. The pharmaceutical marketing manager oversees the working of the other sales supporting personnel who are responsible for the actual implementation of the marketing strategies.

Pharmaceutical Marketing Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  • Promoting new products developed by the companies to health care service providers
  • Determining and achieving the sales goals of the company
  • Developing the overall marketing strategy for the pharmaceutical company
  • Overseeing the implementation of the marketing strategy
  • Analyzing the effectiveness of the strategies and rectifying the variances, if any
  • Hiring, training, and monitoring the performance of the sales support staff
  • Handling the competitors
  • Identifying new market segments
  • Participation in trade shows and conferences

Pharmaceutical Marketing Manager Education, Training, and Qualifications

The individuals aspiring to take up a career as a pharmaceutical marketing manager must hold a bachelor’s degree in a medical related field. An additional master’s qualifications in marketing management provide an edge over other candidates. Individuals who have worked in the pharmaceutical industries have an edge over other candidates who lack relevant work experience. Acquiring training through internship programs during the bachelor or master’s degrees provides an excellent method to gain relevant work experience.

Pharmaceutical Marketing Manager Degrees, Courses, and Certification

A bachelor’s degree in pharmaceuticals and an additional master’s course in marketing management are necessary to become a pharmaceutical marketing manager. Several larger pharmaceutical companies prefer additional vocational courses that assist individuals to develop analytical, interpersonal, and strategizing abilities. Developing communication skills through vocational courses assists individuals to succeed as a pharmaceutical marketing manager. The larger pharmaceutical companies prefer gaining knowledge on various marketing strategies, pharmaceutical drug development guidelines, and related fields.

Pharmaceutical Marketing Manager Skills and Specifications

  • In-depth knowledge on pharmaceutical and marketing fields
  • Analytical and strategizing abilities
  • Capable to manage the entire marketing department of the company
  • Hiring, training, and monitoring the performance of the other personnel
  • Identifying new markets for product launch

Pharmaceutical Marketing Manager Salary

The average salary paid to the pharmaceutical marketing manager is approximately $100000 per annum.