Reprographics Supervisor Job Description

By | May 27, 2011

Reprographics Supervisor Job Description and Profile

Under direction, job of Reprographics Supervisor entails planning, organizing and supervising operation of offset printing and quick copy section. He acts as contact with customer departments in areas of cost, capabilities, customer service and scheduling.  Reprographics Supervisor performs related tasks and duties as required.

Duties and Specifications

  • Supervises staff in providing centralized offset printing and copying services such as photocomposition and typesetting, platemaking and pre-press camera operations, offset type of printing, digital and analog type of copying and bindery work.
  • Assists superiors in staff selection.
  • Trains of copying staff members in internal procedures and policies.
  • Supervises equipment operation and maintenance.
  • Establishes employee standards and evaluates overall performance.
  • Develops the implementation of updated policies in operation required to ensure overall safety of office and copying staff.
  • Recommends appropriate disciplinary actions to erring staff.
  • Estimates and approximates costs of jobs with the use of computerized billing system.
  • Orders and purchases stocks and supplies ensuring appropriate amount of stock quantities for current and future work.
  • Assigns to staff requests for incoming services.
  • Monitors the process of production process.
  • Establishes and imposes standards on quality control.

Skills and Specifications

  • Able to plan, assign and prioritize his work and that of others.
  • Must learn and apply principles and practices in supervision.
  • Be able to apply principles and practices of contract and budget administration.
  • Must be able to create and implement procedures of operation.
  • Be able to analyze important data, create conclusions, and give recommendations.
  • Must know how to utilize computer and related software.
  • Be able to maintain and keep accurate records.
  • Able to establish cooperative and harmonious work relationships.
  • Must prepare various types of statistical and narrative reports.

Education and Qualifications

  • Must have 5 years of experience in the operation of high-speed offset printing and copying equipment.
  • Relevant experience in platemaking and pre-press setup, offset press and post press bindery operations.