Small Plane Manufacturer Job Description

By | September 8, 2011

Small Plane Manufacturer Job Description and Profile

Small Planes are private planes or deluxe jets planes. As most of the companies manufacture their own planes only small planes are being outsourced for manufacturing. A small plane manufacturer works on different units of a plane like engine, or assembling of small parts, some of them concentrate on engineering detailing job. They are responsible for carrying out repair and maintenance work of small planes. Also some of them work as plane inspectors or as testers who test the different manufacturing parts and navigation and communication units.

Small Plane Manufacturer Duties and Responsibilities

  • A small plane manufacturer is basically responsible for manufacturing of small planes with complete technical know how
  • He is also responsible for assembling of small parts of plane.
  • Responsible for repair and maintenance of the plane
  • He is responsible for maintenance of communication and navigation system
  • He is responsible for production, operation and maintenance of the plane

Small Plane Manufacturer Education, Training and Qualifications

A small plane manufacturer should ideally be an aerospace engineer, but many manufacturing companies hire post secondary candidates and further impart education to them through community colleges. People in this industry are required to update themselves with technology as technological enhancement or change in technology is very rapid and regular process here.

Small Plane Manufacturer Degrees, Courses & Certification

There is wide range of courses that a small plane manufacturer can pursue for further growth in the industry, like many colleges and universities are now offering masters in Aviation. An on the job training is must for small plane manufacturer.

Small Plane Manufacturer Skills and Specifications

  • He should be able to work under pressure and extreme work conditions
  • He should know all the standard operating procedures and follow the guidelines strictly
  • He should by no means compromise on the quality of work
  • He should be a team player
  • Should be a self motivated and hard worker
  • Should be able to work strenuously as they often have to work with heavy materials
  • Should have a good eye sight and sound mental balance
  • Should have eye for detailing as at times he will be handling delicate parts of aircraft
  • Should have good health and physical standards
  • Should work carefully to avoid injuries when working with heat and corrosive chemicals

Small Plane Manufacturer Salary/Wage

The salary of the engineers of small plane ranges from $28,000 to $50,000 per annum and that of assembler is $10 to $16 per hour.