Steward Job Description

By | November 21, 2011

Steward Job Profile and Description

A steward is a general role in the hotel and hospitality sector. The main job responsibility of a steward is to run the operations of the clubs, bars, hotel or restaurants properly and efficiently. This includes job functions like providing timely service to their clients, ensuring that there are enough buffer stock kept in the storage of the workplace, and other administrative duties. Generally stewards should have excellent skills to interact with the clients and ability to work under strict deadlines. Work experience rather than a definite education is given more preference.

Steward Duties and Responsibilities

  • The steward is responsible for checking the staff in the shop, bar or hotel so that there are adequate people who can take care of the place and serve the customers well.
  • The steward should also be multi-tasking as he or she has to handle the management and operations of the place.
  • The steward is hold in charge of all the activities in the place so that everything is in order and the shop or bar or restaurant runs well.
  • The steward should be good and knowledge about the service and hospitality sector. They need to be in constant touch with the trends and happenings in the sector and upgrade their services accordingly to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.
  • Any special orders in the bar or restaurant is the prime responsibility of the steward. This increases the revenue of the shop or hotel and also enhances the visibility of the location.

Steward Skills and Specifications

  • To become a steward, the primary attitude is to have good knowledge of the demands of customers and should have the ability to serve them well.
  • Candidates who are looking to become stewards should necessarily have excellent communication skills and customer satisfaction abilities.
  • Candidates who are interested to apply for this position should be ready to work in shifts or timings that suit the business in question.

Steward Education and Qualifications

  • There is no definite education qualification that is looked for in order to become a steward. Basic qualifications through a high school or a graduation degree would suffice.
  • Candidates should have a basic understanding of the service industry along with ability to manage the management and operations of the shop.

Steward Salary

Candidates who want to become stewards can start earning with an annual compensation of about $15,000 to $20,000 per year and the earning of the individual would increase once the business grows and makes considerable profits.