Swimming Instructor Job Description

By | November 21, 2011

Swimming Instructor Job Profile and Description

A swimming instructor, also called as swimming coach, teaches people how to swim. The swimming instructor may teach prospective professional swimmers how to swim, in which they need to teach different techniques of swimming well and fast. The swimming instructors might also deal with people of different ages and tech them to swim. The swimming instructors may work independently or be associated as a swimming coach with any sport institute.

Swimming Instructor Duties and Responsibilities

  • A swimming instructor should be able to teach small children, teenagers, adults, and old people how to swim. For this, the swimming instructor should be able to understand their strengths and shortcomings and teach them accordingly.
  • The swimming instructor should be able to deal with people of different attitudes as there are people with fearful nature who take too long time to learn and people who are strong enough to learn swimming quickly.
  • The swimming instructor should not only teach his or her students how to swim but also teach them how to rescue themselves when there is a contingency and other lifesaving skills.
  • The swimming instructors should develop expertise in swimming as they gain more and more work experience in swimming. They should develop their own unique methods so that they can establish themselves as well experienced trainers.
  • Swimming instructors can work in sport complexes, swimming schools, recreation communities, etc. They should be able to teach swimming in the holidays and weekends.
  • The swimming instructors should be able to suggest developments in the water quality in the swimming pool and notify the authorities of necessary changes so that swimming doesn’t cause any harm to any individual.

Swimming Instructor Skills and Specifications

  • Most of the employers look for certified swimming instructors and candidates can gain the license and certification from the respective sport authorities.
  • The swimming instructors should also take the necessary tests before joining any institute so that they prove themselves to be qualified swimming instructors.

Swimming Instructor Education and Qualifications

  • Though there is no mandatory education requirement to become a swimming instructor, candidates must be trained in swimming instruction, water safety instructions, etc.
  • The candidates should be specialised in advanced techniques in swimming and should be good at teaching skills.

Swimming Instructor Salary

Candidates who are working as swimming instructors in the United States are earning about $40,000 per year on an average. The job outlook of swimming instructor looks very good considering that they can get opportunities to work in a variety of industries.