Tour Escort Job Description

By | November 21, 2011

Tour Escort Job Profile and Description

As the name suggests, a tour escort helps tourists during their tour or journey and stays alongside for any assistance or help that the tourists might need. The tour may be for any historical place, hills or mountains, sea side and beach, temples, or any other touristic place. Generally a tour guide or tour escort is hired by tour companies that arrange for the whole tour of the customers including places of sightseeing, lodging and accommodation, food, etc. The tour escort works as a liaison between the tour company and the passengers with the goal to make the tour memorable and an exciting experience.

Tour Escort Duties and Responsibilities

  • The tour escort of tour guide helps the passengers understand the tour itinerary and guide them to various places of interest.
  • Generally the tour escort is hired to guide a group of travellers who needs assistance throughout their journey so that the tour can be enjoyed in a group and at the same time many travellers can accompany each other and work as each other’s aide.
  • The tour escort not only guides the tourists but also help them conduct the tour in a safe and enjoyable manner.
  • Useful tips are given by the tour escort throughout the journey so that travellers may know what is to be done and what is to be avoided during the trip.
  • The tour escort must have a pleasing personality as they have to greet the passengers with respect and take care of them in all contingency situations.
  • The tour escort should also keep checking the baggage and luggage of different passengers and ensure their safety. The travel escort should provide badges to all the travellers in a group so that they can be easily counted and found.

Tour Escort Skills and Specifications

  • As travel escorts should directly be dealing with the passengers, he or she should be willing to lend help anytime and of all kinds so that the passengers do not face any hardship during their travel.
  • The travel escorts should have a cheerful personality and excellent communication skills.
  • The travel escort should be physically fit and ensure the physical safety of other passengers also.

Tour Escort Education and Qualifications

  • To become a travel escort, it is important for the candidate should be knowledgeable about various places of interest.
  • More than education, candidates with greater work experience would be given more preference over the others.

Tour Escort Salary

Candidates who want to become travel escorts can earn anywhere between $8 – $50 per hour depending on the place guiding for and the work experience possessed by the candidate. This translates to an yearly wage of between $14,000 and $104,000 per year.