Vocational Education Teacher Job Description

By | July 28, 2011

Vocational Education Teacher Job Profile and Description

Vocational education teachers need to have personal experience in skill-based line of work such as cosmetology, commercial art, electronics, and plumbing. In the classes, they help pupils in developing these acquisitions. They have a choice for working as a teacher in a particular subject or they can choose multiple subjects according to their skills and qualifications.

Vocational Education Teacher Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Supervising, monitoring and taking care of the students when they use various tools and equipments
  • Evaluate work of the students and provide them with necessary feedback
  • Present lectures, notes and other essentials through the use of various techniques to help students understand better
  • Recognize and take necessary actions in favor or against the students for improving their overall personality

Vocational Education Teacher Job Skills and Specifications

  • The person must have the dependability factor so that others can depend on him
  • He must possess integrity and must set a example to follow him/her
  • Should have leadership skills so that he/she is able to lead the class or group
  • Should have the natural ability to give attention to details
  • Should be self controlled and must have a pleasant personality so that students don’t shy away of be afraid of him/her

Vocational Education Teacher Job Education and Qualifications

  • Education and experience requirements are variable in this field and vary according to states and localities
  • Most of them possess Bachelor’s degree and a few years of work in their respective fields
  • Some require special licenses or certifications from various authorities

Vocational Education Teacher Job Salary

  • Vocational Education Teachers get good salaries
  • Salary generally increases with the experience of the person
  • Vocational Education Teacher  gets paid in the range of 58,000$ to 74,000$ per month