Water Engineer Job Description

By | July 28, 2011

Water Engineer Job Profile and Description

Water engineer are engineers who specialize in water-based projects. They may act upon much kind of liquids but normally their job is to deal with the supply of clean water and disposal off blow water. They are also responsible for safe sanitation of sewage. They also keep an eye on the water check so that the lines may not cause flooding water engineers build, maintain and develop designs, models, pipelines and various structures to ensure proper, safe and controlled water resources.

Water Engineer Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Designing, formulating and improving schemes and structures that carry water and other liquids
  • Developing methods and equipments for improving efficiency of all these resources
  • Developing new and safer methods to dispose off sewage wastes
  • Reviewing technical submissions
  • Working in teams to figure out engineering problems and solving them in real time
  • Solve and predict problems before the occurring so that the supply could continue even during the repairing process
  • Gaining knowledge about the structure that is present and that can be replaced or changed with new technologies
  • Leading teams and engineers for working on the sites
  • Keeping the environment as clean as possible
  • presenting technical data results to some technical and non-technical clients

Water Engineer Job Skills and Specifications

  • Should be intelligent and creative
  • Strong aptitude for mathematics and the physical sciences
  • Ability to think logically in a small amount of time

Water Engineer Job Education and Qualifications

  • Must have a Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering or environmental science or geography or geology or mechanical engineering or geophysics
  • Generally a master’s degree is required for working in this field

Water Engineer Job Salary

  • Good salaries are offered to  water engineers
  • Salary range varies according to the past experiences of the individual
  • Water Engineer usually earns an income in between 3900$ to 6800$ per month.


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