Zoo Keeper Job Description

By | May 30, 2011

Zoo Keeper Job Profile and Description

There are thousands of zoos are present round the world and the millions of different types of animals are present in these zoos to amuse people. Generally, in zoos there are various different kinds of animals are kept in their natural habitat. Millions of people from round the world come to these zoos to see those animals. As there are various animals are kept in the zoos; so people are required to take care of those animals and the job of a zoo keeper is to take care of the animals present in the zoo, where he or she is appointed.

Zoo Keeper Duties and Responsibilities

  • The prime responsibility of a zoo keeper is to take 360 degree care of the animals present inside the zoo.
  • He or she has to feed the animal, make all the possible things to keep them happy and healthy like keeping a vigilant eye on their health, help them to bath, to piss and so on.

Zoo Keeper Skills and Specifications

  • A zoo keeper should have an animal friendly behavior.
  • He or she should know how to take the care of animals and keep them under control.
  • He or she should have knowledge about different animals’ behaviors.

Zoo Keeper Education and Qualification

  • Educational qualification does not matter a lot for zoo keeper job as it is a job where behavior is the sole thing that matters.
  • If someone has a degree in zoology or any related stream then he or she is a perfect candidate for the zoo keeper job, as he or she possesses knowledge about the animal behavior.

Zoo Keeper Job Salary

  • The salary of a zookeeper varies in the range of $1000 to $3000, on a monthly basis.