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Office Manager Job Profile and Description

Office manager is a key management position where the respective employee is required to manage an office space. The management of the office space refers to catering to the needs of the senior officials of the office, maintaining the décor and the decorum of the office, managing the inventory and the staff amongst a variety of things. The exact definition of the tasks or duties though generally same may at times vary depending on the senior executive/ managing officials.

Office Manager Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of an office manager are as follows:

  • The office manager is responsible for ensuring that the staff employed adheres to the rules and regulations laid by the senior officials.
  • The office manager is responsible for looking after the day to day needs and operations of the office to ensure smooth functioning.
  • The office manager is required to keep a track of the day to day transactions and happenings in the office.
  • The office manager must ensure that all the employee requirements are met within time, thus creating an employee friendly work environment.
  • He/she responsible for keeping the office furniture and other office property in proper working condition.
  • The office manager is responsible for managing the bills, the telephone, the machines, the mails of the office, to ensure smooth working operations.

Office Manager Skills and Specifications

  • The individual must have good negotiation skills.
  • The individual but be well versed in the language stated as the official language for the respective business.
  • The individual must have motivational so that he/ she can motivate the employees to carry on the tasks with dedication and adhere to the deadlines.

Office Manager Education and Qualifications

  • A basic high school education is mandatory. With the education being acquired from an accredited institute.
  • It may also be required for the individual to have a graduation level degree in either of the subjects: computers, economics, accounts etc.
  • It may suffice if the individual has taken a course or a program in office management, a variety of which are offered by various technical schools.

Office Manager Salary

The average salary paid to an office manager is $ 55,000 per annum on an average. The exact amount of the salary may vary with the amount of responsibility laid on the individual as the office manager, working hours and the size of the business organization.

Sales Manager Job Profile Description

The sales manager is an important part of any company. He or she is responsible for directing and managing the company’s sales program. This job involves handling different kinds of sales functions. The sales manager is required to create a goal for the company and ensure that the correct path is taken so as to ensure maximum profitability.

He is also required to handle different employees concerned within the sales department. The sales manager is the one who bridges the gap between the sales employees and the higher management of the company. It is essential that that he or she is able to multitask and handle different responsibilities ranging from coordinating sales and market research to executing different sales strategies.

Sales Manager Duties and Responsibilities:

The sales manager is required to adhere to the following duties and responsibilities:

  • He or she must be able to incorporate different sales trends according to the demands of the market and the company.
  • He should be to handle different data.
  • He must be able to create advertisements and promotional campaigns for the company products.
  • He must manage and supervise an entire sales team and ensure that a harmonious work environment is maintained at all time.
  • He should be able to create evaluation reports for individual employees in the sales department and produce it to the higher authorities within the company.
  • He should be able to delegate duties and functions to subordinates as per his or her qualifications and skills.

Sales Manager Skills and Specifications

  • Should be open to new ideas and criticism from the sales team. This helps in implementing changes wherever necessary.
  • Should be able to communicate feedback from the other departments of the company to the sales team as and when required.
  • Must be up to date about the different sales and market innovations and notify the company immediately.
  • Should be able to create strategies for increasing sales figures in the company.
  • Must have skills to create different kinds of reports pertaining to sales for employees and the company.

Sales Manager Education and Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business administration.
  • Master’s degree in Business Administration.
  • Certification in Data Management and Book Keeping.
  • Experience in sales from different companies.

Sales Manger Salary

The salary of a sales manager is largely dependent on the company he or she works for. However, the average income of a highly qualified and experienced sales manager is $111,760 per annum.

Office Clerk Job Profile and Description

The designation office clerk is a wide term which includes a variety of titles such as an accounting clerk, managing clerk etc. Anyhow the job profile i.e. office clerk generally comprises a collection of varied tasks. Each respective office or the firm may alter the tasks that are included under this profile as per their own requirements. The tasks may be related to the accounting tasks, the telecommunicating tasks, low level managerial tasks etc.

Office Clerk Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities for the position of office clerk:

  • Manage the book keeping for the office while also carrying out the bank transactions required by the office managers.
  • Maintain, sort and copy the files in the office also keeping them in proper place.
  • Complete, check and keep track of all the bills, contracts, policies, invoices etc as required by the office.
  • Check that the office machines such as the photocopier, fax, telephones etc are all in the best shape and functioning properly.
  • Responsible for the management and filing of the inventory of the business.
  • Deliver the messages sent by the employees to other employees and run any other errands the seniors require him or her to run.
  • Arrange the appointments of the senior officials and maintain the schedule for them.
  • Address the phone calls, take messages and circulate them to the respective official.
  • Handle or make the required travel arrangements for the officials for the various business purposes.
  • The individual employed must have active listening senses. He/ she must listen to the tasks he/ she is being assigned so that they can be carried on as per the specifications.

Office Clerk Skills and Specifications

  • The individual must be able to communicate via writing and must be able to convey the messages or circulars properly.
  • The individual must be able to effectively communicate by speaking in the office language.
  • The individual must have an understanding of the official documents for he/ she may be required to edit the documents etc.
  • High school education is a compulsory underlining for such a job position.

Office Clerk Education and Qualifications

  • Any other level of higher education may be optional but the individual must have the basic knowledge of a few subjects namely, mathematics (arithmetic, calculus etc.), English, economics and accounting.

Office Clerk Salary

The average salary that an individual at the position of an office clerk may earn is around $20,000 to $ 25,000 per year on an average.

Chief Executive Officer Job Description

Chief Executive Officer Job Profile and Description

The position of the chief executive officer is one of the highest level management positions in the hierarchy of the business mechanisms. The individual at this position oversees the daily functions of the whole business. The individual is vital for deriving a strategic plan for the business and taking the company towards the goal of sustained growth and expansion. The CEO has to manage all the employees and oversee that all the employees carry on their respective job responsibilities/ duties properly.

Chief Executive Officer Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities for the position of chief executive officer are:

  • The CEO is responsible for carrying on and attending the board meetings where all the board members meet to discuss the current and future operations of the business.
  • The CEO is responsible for drawing and implementing proper strategies/ policies for the growth and expansion of the business as required.
  • The CEO is required to focus the resources of the business to augment the profit making of the business.
  • The CEO is required to check the social responsibilities of the business as a whole are met for example throwing fundraiser for charitable.
  • The CEO is responsible for the setting up the long- term goals for the business, direct the entire department heads to move towards the goals.
  • The CEO must have a strong background of the management abilities.

Chief Executive Officer Skills and Specifications

  • The individual must have the ability and knowledge to set up/ draw strategies for the benefit of the business.
  • The individual be well equipped with economic decision making abilities.
  • A basic high school education from the state accredited institution.

Chief Executive Officer Education and Qualifications

  • A college degree i.e. a graduation level education degree with major in a subject which relates to business management.
  • A higher degree i.e. a post graduation degree from a state accredited institute with major in a subject which is to be useful in business management such as business economics, masters in business management or administration.

Chief Executive Officer Clerk Salary

The salary of a chief executive officer varies with the size of the respective business firm or entity. But the salary earned by the CEOs is amongst the highest bracket as this is one of the highest executive positions. The salary may thus vary anywhere between $ 120,000 to 200,000 or more per year on an average.

Business Systems Analyst Job Description

A business systems analyst is that employee or worker of a company who is hired to assess or analyse the computer systems to check for any possible improvements or changes. Any person at the job position of a business systems analyst is required to conduct a research on the needs of the company as far as technological advances are concerned and help in the development of systems for the benefit of the company. There are certain educational requirements which one needs to fulfil and certain amount of experience that is needed for one a person to acquire this job position in a company. Refer to the following for the detailed job description of a business systems analyst.

Business systems analyst duties and responsibilities:

The following are the main duties and responsibilities of a person working at the position of a business systems analyst:

  • Reviewing computer systems and softwares to suggest possible changes or improvements which can help the employees and ease a number of processes which can increase the productivity of the system.
  • They are responsible for the cost analysis and it is their duty to synchronise the technology used by the company with the business strategies or goals.
  • They might be required for troubleshooting in case of faults or system errors.
  • It is the duty of a business systems analyst to test softwares and report flaws.
  • Business systems analysts are required to work with the project managers to meet project specific software or technological needs.

Business systems analyst skills and qualifications:

A business systems analyst is required to fulfil the following skills and qualifications in order to attain the job position:

  • A business systems analyst must be a skilled computer and software expert.
  • Any business systems analyst must possess exceptional troubleshooting skills as far as computer systems are concerned and must have an analytic bent of mind in order to conduct analysis of systems.
  • A business systems analyst must also be a qualified IT expert with immense knowledge of the workings of the system.

Business systems analyst educational requirements:

The following are the educational requirements to be fulfilled by a person interested in the job position of a business systems analyst:

  • A bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering or any other related field.
  • Diploma course in IT, IT industry training etc. Are useful.

Business systems analyst salary:

The average median salary of a business systems analyst is $83000.

Health Coach Job Profile Description

The health coach is a professional who is an expert at advising and counseling on the important requirements for a healthy lifestyle. This job is important in various aspects. For example, in hospitals and medical clinics the health coach is required to help patients with different dietary requirements according to the health condition. In fitness centers, a health coach is in great demand as more and more people want to be aware of the different nutritional ways to lose weight and stay healthy. This job involves creating awareness about the healthy way of living and preventive measures that can be taken from various kinds of diseases.

Health Coach Duties and Responsibilities:

The following are a list of duties and responsibilities of a health coach:

  • He or she is responsible for ensuring that all individuals seeking counsel are made aware of the health issues concerned and the ways in which one could combat them.
  • He must raise awareness about the different available exercises, weight loss programs and other dietary requirements necessary for a healthy lifestyle.
  • He should be able to provide a chart of habits and lifestyle changes that are imperative for the improvement of the concerned individual’s health.
  • The health coach should be able to identify the required goals that each individual must fulfill and advice feasible options for it.

Health Coach Skills and Specifications:

  • He or she must understand the importance of different types of food groups. A detailed study is required for this purpose.
  • He or she should be aware of the latest health trends and be able to advice for or against accordingly.
  • He or she should be able to read the individual and advice the required plans accordingly.
  • The health care coach must never be condescending and should have a positive attitude throughout.
  • He should also be able to communicate via different sources of communication and update the patient or individual accordingly.
  • He should have good interpersonal skills.

Health Coach Education and Qualification:

No specific educational requirements are needed as such but the candidate must have:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Science, Health and Living Systems.
  • Certification in Essential Coaching.
  • Experience of at least 2 years working under health management services.

Health Coach Salary:

The average income of a health coach is around $62,000 per annum. This is dependent on experience and the health institute offering the job.

Health Assistant Job Profile Description

A health assistant is a professional health care worker who is in charge of assisting health care administrators or supervisors. He or she is responsible for ensuring that all patients are getting the required treatment. This job also requires the individual to be aware of the different business operations within the facility. Unlike the health care manager, the assistant has a more one-on-one relationship with the patients, medical staff and the non-medical staff. Hence, it is important that such an individual is able to juggle different roles from handing medical issues to legal and business issues. He or she must also cater to the different requirements of the supervisor in charge.

Health Assistant Duties and Responsibilities:

The health assistant has the following duties that are required to be fulfilled:

  • He or she must be an expert at providing optimum comfort to all the patients of the hospital.
  • He or she must supervise the medical and non-medical staff when and if required on behalf of the administrator.
  • He or she is required to be aware of the different medical locations within the given vicinity and travel whenever the job demands one too. This can be for medical or non-medical reasons.
  • He or she must look after the well being of the staff and the patients and listen and report to the supervisor for changes to be implemented.
  • He or she must be adept at monitoring the patient’s details and ensuring that proper medical attention is being provided.

Health Assistant Skills and Specifications:

  • Flexibility is a very important skill for the health assistant to possess. He or she will be required to do a lot of duties as and when the supervisor requires.
  • Communication skills are also imperative since he or she has to keep in touch with the staff and patients and alike and take down complaints whenever necessary.
  • Organizational skills are a must for such a job since a lot of the work involves creating reports for different purposes.
  • Must have some knowledge in certain medical practices especially required during emergencies.
  • Should have tremendous amount of patience for handling superiors and different employees in different medical departments.

Health Assistant Education and Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Science in health care.
  • Experience in assisting different health care professionals.

Health Assistant Salary:

The average annual salary of a health assistant is around $45,000 which can also vary depending upon the job profile.

Diabetes Health Counselor Job Profile Description

The diabetes health counselors are trained professionals who are responsible for providing education as well as advice on the different ways of preventing diabetes. They are also trained in other types of health care that are related to diabetes and the diabetics. The certified counselor can work in clinics, medical centers and hospitals. Counseling is an important way through which regulation on diabetes can be done. Diabetics have different needs and specific nutritional and dietary requirements which the counselor is required to inform the patient and his family. This will involve an in-depth knowledge in insulin management, food intake, physical exercise requirements and analysis of behavioral changes. This job comes with a lot of responsibilities and it is imperative that there are little or no errors while counseling a patient.

Diabetes Health Counselor Duties and Responsibilities:

The following are the diabetes health counselor’s duties and responsibilities:

  • A diabetes health counselor should be able to inject insulin as well as teach the patient and/or the family how to inject it.
  • He or she must create a proper chart which informs the patient what needs to be done in terms of food, medications and exercise.
  • Should be able to diagnose which level of diabetes the patient is suffering from.
  • Must be aware of all the available treatments and should be able to explain all of them in a simple, coherent and step-by-step manner.

Diabetes Health Counselor Skills and Specifications:

  • Must have very good communication skills as this job requires dealing with different kinds of patients on a regular basis.
  • Must provide advice based on the medical history of the patient. It is important that he or she reads through and creates a unique diet pattern to be followed and thus they must have good knowledge on diet management.
  • Must ensure that the patient is aware of the risks and the ways of prevention.
  • Must promote exercise and healthy eating habits as well as the proper medication requirement.
  • Must be calm and patient when dealing with critical or adverse situations.

Diabetes Health Counselor Education and Qualification:

  • Bachelor’s degree in nursing or nutrition.
  • Certification in Continuing Professional Education of Diabetes Self-Management Training.
  • Experience in counseling work for different medical clinics.

Diabetes Health Counselor Salary:

The recently recorded average salary of a diabetes health counselor is $42300 per annum. This can range from $28500 to $56100 depending on the level of experience attained.

Health Administrator Job Profile Description

The health administrator’s job is an important one to the overall functioning of a medical facility. This job essentially involves the management and business side of a hospital or health facility. The administrator acts like a supervisor who is not just responsible for the business functions but also for all the medical staff. The focus is primarily given on the type of health care given, whether the health care is up to date and whether all technological upgrading has been done. All of this is part and parcel of the health administrator’s job. He or she is also required to implement the required changes both in the business side of the hospital and the medical side. It is very important to have experience in various levels within the health care administration before taking up this post.

Health Administrator Duties and Responsibilities:

The duties and responsibilities of those in health administrator are as follows:

  • Ensuring all medical supplies are properly ordered and delivered in time.
  • Training and hiring new staff in different departments of the hospital.
  • Supervision and management of each section of the medical facility not just the business operations but also medical ones.
  • Ensuring all employees are placed in the correct post according to their ability.
  • Being aware of the medical innovations and recent medical developments and incorporating them within the hospital.
  • All finances and money transactions are handled by the health administrator. There are also legal issues and complexities that he is required to sort out if necessary.


Health Administrator Skills and Specifications:

  • Since he or she is required to administrate the whole facility, it is important that one is alert and prepared to strategize wherever required.
  • He must be an expert in handling people of different mentalities especially since he is responsible for hiring the medical and other staff members.
  • Budgeting and accounting are important skills that he must possess as he is required to produce finance reports periodically.
  • Marketing analysis reports should be constantly done by the health administrator so that the required actions can be taken.

Health Administrator Education and Qualification:

  • Bachelor’s in health care administration.
  • Master’s in health care administration.
  • Experience in entry-level and high level administration within a hospital.

Health Administrator Salary:

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported the annual income for those in high level health administration is around $80,240.

Health Administration Job Profile Description

The health administration job is concerned with managing medical and health services and involves different posts like health care executives, medical supervisor etc. The purpose of this job is to take charge of a particular department or facility and ensure its proper functioning. The individual handling such a job must not only focus on the integration of quality health care but ensure that all health care systems, technological development and new structures of management are being implemented within the facility. He or she is also responsible for ensuring the latest preventive cares are at hand. This job mainly deals with the health administrator making certain that the medical facility is updated and efficient according to the consistent changes.

Health Administration Duties and Responsibilities:

The duties and responsibilities of those in health administration are:

  • Managing and supervising an entire hospital, department or facility in terms of the business transactions and operations.
  • Hiring and supervising staff as well as ensuring that all employees are positioned according to their specialization so that there is no margin for error.
  • All news and updates regarding new medical technology as well medication is to be kept by a health administrator. The subsequent incorporation must also be followed.
  • He or she is also responsible for controlling finances and other monetary transactions within the facility.
  • Medical supply ordering, training and personnel oversight are all part and parcel of this job.

Health Administration Skills and Specifications:

  • He or she must be adept at handling different business situations and construct strategies accordingly.
  • He should have good inter-personal skills as he is responsible for supervising and hiring a large number of the medical staff
  • He should be updated with the latest market trends and initiate plan of action within the medical facility if required.
  • He should be an expert at handling budgeting and accounting at a large scale.
  • He should be able to handle any legal issues that might come up while handling certain medical cases.

Health Administration Education and Qualification:

  • A bachelor’s degree in health care administration
  • A master’s degree in health care administration
  • Experience in both entry-level and high level administration of a medical facility.

Health Administration Salary:

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual income for those in health administration is $80,240. The average income for those in middle level employment is $62,800.