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How to Write a Job Description for a Resume

Job descriptions are very important for preparing a resume. It is not so easy task to include your job descriptions in the resume. You should know how to write a job description for a resume to easily prioritize the descriptions. The very good method in preparing this is to consider your career goal and include the experience related to your professional objectives.

Write down all the responsibilities on a paper. Phrasing is not essential here; just write down everything you have done and doing in the previous and current jobs respectively.

Here is an idea of how to write your job descriptions in the resume.

How to prioritize the description information?

Highlight your responsibilities

In your resume, you should highlight each job’s responsibilities. Also mention how these items are related to your career goal. If you have other points which can support your career goal more effectively, use them rather.

Action words

Try to use power or action words like communicated, managed, developed and so on to start each description. Be sure that the statements which you have listed quantify your achievements.


Essential responsibilities

It would be much better in listing the timeline achievements/budget achievements, sales figures, customer acquisition rates or something which helps you in placing your responsibilities in the industry context in which you work in. Make sure that these mentioned statements are related to your career objective.

Quantify the essential statements

Include a point to quantify the statements of your job description. However, there is no need of quantifying every single thing, just quantify which are most essential and goal driven.

Qualifications and accomplishments

The same rules are applied for the qualifications and achievements. You should list the statements which are very much related to the career goal first. For example, if you are applying for the customer service job, though both the computer skills and communication skills are essential, your communication skill comes first.

Consider as an employer

Consider yourself as an employer, double check your each job description and also look whether you are relating these mentioned statements to the job you are seeking for. This allows your employer to know that you possess the skills which are necessary for the job.

Example of a Job Description

Job descriptions are very essential for attracting ideal candidates, helping the candidates in understanding the responsibilities of the job, assessing the performance of the candidates, and so on. The job descriptions should be communicated concisely and clearly about the tasks and responsibilities which are required for the position, the important qualifications of the position, and the fundamental requirements. For your better understanding we are specifying an example of a job description below.

An example of a clerical job description is specified here.

Clerical jobs are available in various companies including law companies, trucking companies, financial corporations, educational institutions, manufacturing industries and medical offices. The below roles and responsibilities should be mentioned when writing a job description for clerks.

Work of the receptionist

2 main duties of the job include answering the calls and welcoming the visitors. Clerical employees take messages, schedule the appointments and provide the information.


Tasks included in the job

The clerical employees do filling, make photocopies and send faxes of the correspondence and other required documents. They may obtain, arrange and distribute the mail, and as well as create an outgoing mail.

Preparing the spreadsheets

Preparing the spreadsheets and performing the data entry is a part of this job description. Clerical employees often update the records of bookkeeping on the computer.

Administrative work

Clerical employees may plan the travel arrangements for the schedule team meetings, executive personnel, reserve rooms for meeting, and also typing the meeting agendas.

Software proficiency

Normally, the clerical workers should be skilled enough in distinct software types, so that they can prepare mass mailings from the programs of word processing, run different kinds of reports and also maintain the databases.

Administration Manager Job Description

Administration Manager Job Profile and Description:

Administration Manager keeps the operation of the organization smooth and organizes the functions of the information management system. Administration Managers oversees the administrative staff including secretaries, typists, clerks, coders and back office personnel.

He manages the office budget and reviews the office expenditure. The admin manager is responsible for scheduling meetings, for communicating operational data to the management and to answer inter-office inquiries. The administration manager provides support for all the projects, takes administrative decisions and manages the work product and deadlines of the admin staff. Administrative managers are highly important in order to keep other professional positions focused on their primary responsibilities.

Administration Manager Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Monitors and directs staff activities to provide timely services to other work units and ensure efficient daily operation of the work unit.
  • Participates in meetings and conferences to obtain information regarding assigned work unit issues and programs.
  • Trains and evaluates staff by conducting semi-annual or annual employee evaluations as they grow within the organization.
  • Supervises the work units and monitors their activities including interviewing employees, providing training, scheduling and assigning work, establishing performance measures, evaluating work performance and providing feedback and guidance.
  • Initiates efforts to make office more cost effective and review processes for cost saving.
  • Prepares the necessary and required documentation including monthly, quarterly and annual reports and maintain all administrative paper files. He also advises the program specialists on their maintenance of the programmatic files.

Administration Manager Skills and Specifications:

The following are the skills and specifications required by an administration manager:

  • Must have knowledge in business law regarding contracts and sales agreements in order to prepare agreements between a department and other agencies.
  • Must be aware of crisis management techniques required to effectively manage emergency situations.
  • Should have good knowledge in business English required to produce analytical and technical reports in the appropriate format.
  • Must be aware of the state and federal laws and regulations related to the work unit.

Administration Manager Education and Qualification:

The following are the education and qualifications required by an administration manager:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Business, Human Resources or liberal arts.
  • Experience in supervisory or administrative support.
  • OCR Awards, Certifications and Diploma in Administration.

Administration Manager Salary:

Reports according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics predict that the employment opportunities for administrative managers will increase 7 to 13 percent in the coming years.  Administrative managers are expected to earn an average salary of round $60,500 per annum.

What Is the Job Description of a Cashier

The cashier’s job description is mainly related to the payment. He/she should take the payments from the customers and should provide the change to the customers. The cashier should make sure that he/she has given the correct change. So you should know the roles and responsibilities clearly to get an idea of what is the job description of a cashier. Cashiers should be effective and efficient when they carry out their responsibilities.

Here we are mentioning the job description of a cashier.

Cash drawers

Cashiers should take the payments and return back the change to the customers. They should be sure that they have given a correct change, or else their respective cash drawers will not balance.

Credit or debit cards

Sometimes the customers will pay credit or debit cards, and the cashiers should know the way of processing those types of transactions.


Scanning the products

In the grocery store, the cashiers should check out the orders of customers by scanning the barcode present on the product in the checkout line.

Selling the products

Cashiers even sell money orders, lottery tickets, cashier checks, bag groceries, change the register tape of the cash, stamps, balance the money drawer, mention other services and products, and transfer cash to the vault.

Customer service

Cashiers even handle the customer service inquiries. If necessary, sometimes they also refer the customers to the management for extra handling.

Managing the cash

Cashiers even prepare cash bags for the drivers of truck, count the coins using the coin machine, and balance the bank vault. Sometimes the cashiers have to take deposits, cash checks and carry out the withdrawal requests. Cashiers should also verify whether the money is legitimate or counterfeit.

What Is the Job Description of a Bankteller

Bank tellers are mainly responsible for carrying out the routine financial transactions which the customers make. The key aspect of the bank teller’s job description is to cater the customer’s financial requirements. So if you want to start your career as a bank teller you should know what is the job description of a bankteller for getting a clear view.

Bank tellers carry out several tasks at the bank counter. Below we are specifying the job description of a bank teller.

Receiving the payments

The main responsibility of the bank teller is to obtain the payments as checks or cash from their customers. They also provide money to their customers from their respective accounts by performing the standard procedures and formalities.

Customer service skills

A bank teller should possess very well customer service skills as he/she tends to be the representative of bank with whom the customers often administer their business.



A bank teller spend most of the time in cashing the checks, withdrawals, funds transfer between the accounts, handling the deposits and processing the loan payments.


A bank teller is also responsible for managing huge amounts of cash. Bank teller should display high level accuracy when he/she balances the money drawer at the end of every business day. They should also check whether the details written on the withdrawal slip are accurate or not. The details like account holder name, account number, withdrawal date, and the amount withdrawn are analyzed by the bank tellers.


The deposit slips which were filled by their customers for depositing the cash into their respective accounts are also checked by a bank teller. The deposited money is being counted by them properly. This counting is done manually or by using the cash counting machine.

Problem solving skills

The job description of the bank teller also involves solving various types of difficulties faced by their customers concerned with the withdrawals, deposits and money transfer. If there are any problems concerned to the account statements, bank tellers try to solve the problems by analyzing the problem carefully and quickly finding out the solutions.

What Is the Job Description of an Accountant

Every firm will have financial transactions that are to be maintained daily. So the accountants are very important in the financial world. They carry out the system of balances and checks which assure that the clients are not cheating the government. If you are seeking for the accountant job, you should have an idea of what is the job description of an accountant to be prepared according to that.

Responsibilities of an accountant

Primary and the general accountant duties include, managing the balance sheets, general entries preparation, petty and ledgers cash accounts on daily basis. The responsibilities of the accountant differ based on the client and the client’s financials. Besides these there are also some additional responsibilities which are included in the job description of the accountant role in many companies. They are:

  • Annually preparing the statements of loss and profit or whenever they are required.
  • Assessing the financial details and preparing the reports of financial transaction.
  • Reviewing the company’s budgets assigned to various distinct tasks.
  • Handling the daily accounts.
  • Explaining customers, investors, staff members, business partners about the accounting and financial policies and billing invoices of the firm.
  • Maintaining the daily transactions document on the computer and also in the format of hard copy.
  • Completing the provided tasks within the financial deadlines.
  • Dealing with the financial and accounting irregularities.
  • Coordinating the financial regulations and rules implementation.
  • Allotting the work to the junior accountants and handling the documentation of the data and finish the procedures of accounting.
  • Preparing the reports of financial accounting and sending those reports to the regarding authorities.

Besides the above duties, preparing the reports of audit, aiding the CA with the reports of audit, salary recommendations, developing the budgets, and so on are also included in some job descriptions.

There are mainly 4 types of accountants. They are


Public accountants

They normally work for the public accounting firms. They help the public if they are having any problem regarding deductions, taxes, declarations, and audits.

Government accountants

For the government, they supervise the accounting records. They make sure that the records of the government are accurate and truthful.

 Internal auditors

They directly work for the firms. They make sure that the firm’s records are accurately and truthfully reported, which assure that the firm is not unnecessarily taking money from the customers, and the workers are not taking any funds inappropriately from the firm.

Management accountants

They supervise the pay outs and profits of the firm. This might be performed for the sake of tax or to assess what expenditures and investments are benefiting the firm.

What Is the Importance of Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are having an important function in the employing organization. So you should know what is the importance of job descriptions. The importance of these job descriptions is useful to all the personnel, and also to the potential personnel including the job candidates, managers, employees and recruitment personnel.

Job description

A job description outlines the essential skills, education and training required by a potential employee. It indicates the responsibilities and the duties of a particular job. Once a description of the job is prepared, it can be able to serve as a basis for orienting a fresh employee, interviewing individuals and also in the appraisal of job performance. Preparing the job descriptions mainly results in the thought process which aids in determining the difficulties regarding the job, how this specific job relates to others and finding the features required by new candidate to fill the role.

Here we are specifying the importance of job descriptions.


Serves as a communication tool

A well thought and written job description serves as an effective communication tool between the employees. For an organization, the up to date and accurate job descriptions offer the most effective communication tools between the employees.

In the process of recruitment

In the recruitment section a well job description serves as an important function, as at this period the internal standards are communicated by the organization to the candidates who are external to the firm. The applicants who apply for any role should know the qualifications and duties of a job to determine the match between their expertise and the job role. A clearly stated and accurate job description provides an essential information for accomplishing the process of recruitment successfully.


Another important area in which the job descriptions offer important employee communications is review. This job description explains the expectation of manager for a specific position of each employee.


The critical significance of these job descriptions includes legal ramifications. If there is no up to date and accurate job description, there will be an increased risk of improper hiring cases and legally uncertain personnel practices.

Advantages of Job Descriptions

A job description serves as a concise definition for a specific job role within an organization. These job descriptions are accepted and common tool for identifying the correct person to fill the role. The business people, or the people who are running any organizations tell that they face challenges in keeping the qualified staff to run the organization or the business properly. Hence you should know the advantages of job descriptions.

Here are some advantages of job descriptions.

Hiring a correct person

The well written and accurate job descriptions help in attracting the candidates who are prepared and qualified to fulfill the listed duties. Sometimes it also helps in preparing the candidates for the general structure of an interview process or for the interview questions. A well prepared job description makes the process of the interview easier and faster with a good group of the qualified individuals.


Legal exposure

Job description can prevent the promotion, dismissal decisions and hiring based on the biased criteria. In the case of hiring, following the job description can prevent the person who is taking interview from asking something like illegal questions.

Evaluating the performance of an employee

Employers can make use of this job description to evaluate each employee performance. These job descriptions can even determine the process of increasing the pay and promotion decisions. Employers can also gauge the performance of the employees against the prepared job description and also provide corrective advice if any employee is carrying out at a poor level.

Provide clear expectations of the employee

The employees who are promoted newly and the new hires should receive the job description as they come to know what the company exactly expects from them. The pay rates, specific duties, working hours and any expectations of overtime allow the candidates to be productive. The employers should keep the job descriptions up to the date periodically. This reflects a definite representation of the candidate’s actual duties.

Customer Service Coordinator Job Description

Customer Service Coordinator Job Profile and Description

Customer service coordinators are usually in-charge of a company’s sales department. They set sales policies and goals, hire and train a team of customer care representatives and agents to meet these goals. They help their teams in managing accounts and landing new clients. In a nutshell, a customer service coordinator is a person who has to assist in developing the company’s customer service policies, standards and procedures.

The basic aim of all customer service coordinators would be to extend the highest level of customer satisfaction. Such personnel also extend administrative support to the call center of the company, account managers and the management.

Customer Service Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities

The typical duties that a customer service coordinator has to discharge include the following:


  • Interacting with customers and providing them with information on products, accounts and services.
  • Responding to service calls from clients or customers and dispatching a particular query to the relevant customer care associate.
  • Resolving and handling customer grievances and complaints or special orders through email and telephone.
  • Gathering and processing orders, providing important information regarding any change in price of goods and services and shipping.
  • Investigating and rectifying errors and following the company’s policies in this case.
  • Quizzing customers for acquiring information as well as explaining the available services.
  • Coordinating the service requirements of customers with the appropriate departments as necessary for ensuring effective customer service.

Customer Service Coordinator Skills and Specifications

A customer service coordinator is expected to have the following skills:

  • Ability to remain calm under strict conditions and pressures.
  • Ability to maintain records timely and accurately.
  • Good decision making, IT and communication skills.
  • Encouraging and motivating people; sporting a responsible attitude.
  • Having interest to help and work with customers.
  • Sound practical judgment of work priorities.
  • Working knowledge of the MS-Office suite, especially Excel, the spreadsheet.

Customer Service Coordinator Education and Qualification

Following are the education and qualifications required for being a customer service coordinator.

  • Graduation in a relevant discipline, especially, human resource or mass communication or public relations.
  • An experience of 4-5 years in the relevant industry is desirable.

Customer Service Coordinator Salary

A customer service coordinator who has proper experience can command a salary of about $27,000 per year. In most cases, the remuneration increases as the candidate goes on adding experience. Perks and facilities are often given separately.

Pharmaceutical Lab Technician Job Description

Pharmaceutical Lab Technician Job Profile and Description

Pharmaceutical laboratory technicians are assistants who work in the pharmaceutical industry. They usually work under the instructions of a veterinarian, physician, and scientists for researching and developing medications. A pharmaceutical laboratory technician keeps a record of laboratory records, supervises experiments and tests compounds. They also have the responsibility to maintain the safety and cleanliness of the pharmaceutical laboratory.

While a pharmaceutical technician can find employment in government agencies, most of them work for private pharmaceutical companies that make finished drugs like tranquilizers, vitamins, antibiotics, veterinary medicines, antiseptics etc.  Some pharmaceutical lab technicians work for companies manufacturing biological products that include vaccines, toxins and serum.

Pharmaceutical Lab Technician Duties and Responsibilities

Following are the common duties of a pharmaceutical lab technician:

  • Performing lab tests so as to produce precise and reliable data for supporting scientific investigations.
  • Executing routine tasks perfectly and following the strict methodologies for carrying out analyses.
  • Preparing samples and specimens.
  • Constructing and operating standard lab equipment like pH meters, centrifuges etc.
  • Ensuring that the pharmaceutical laboratory is resourced and well stocked.
  • Recording and interpreting the results for presenting them to the management.
  • Using computers for complex mathematical calculations and preparation of graphs.
  • Keeping abreast of technical developments, especially the ones that can improve reliability and save time.
  • Demonstrating the practical procedures.
  • Conducting researches on the identified topics related to research.

Pharmaceutical Lab Technician Skills and Specifications

Some of the major skills expected from a pharmaceutical lab technician are as follows:

  • Critical thinking i.e. using reasoning and logic for identifying strength and weaknesses of the facility.
  • Operations monitoring i.e. watching dials, gauges and other indicators for ensuring that a machine is working correctly.
  • Reading comprehension involving written paragraphs and sentences in various work related documents.
  • Understanding the processes and objectives spread over multi-disciplinary functions related to drug development.
  • Familiarity with laboratory guidelines of the US government.

Pharmaceutical Lab Technician Education and Qualification

Following are the typical education and qualifications required for being a lab technician.

  • Bachelors’ degree in science with major in life sciences or chemistry.
  • At least 2-3 years of experience in similar capacity in large or major pharmaceutical company.

Pharmaceutical Lab Technician Salary

A pharmaceutical lab technician can command an average salary of about $56,040 per year, excluding perks. The remuneration increases with experience. Such personnel can go on to become senior lab technicians.