Accounting Clerk Job Profile Description:

The accounting clerk job position is concerned with handling the day to day affairs and audit functions of the accounting department of any company or office. Such a person is expected to verify the claims of invoices, file data in clear and organized filing systems, enter data into the company database using specified computer programs. The accounting clerk job profile also includes task like verifying accounting data with internal employees of the company, check and crosscheck data that does not match and create records for inspection and auditing.

The accounting clerk thus holds the responsibility of handling the daily tasks of the accounting department of a company, ensuring that all reports prepared by the department are verified and authentic. This will result in smooth operations of the company on the whole leading to greater transparency and clarity.

Accounting Clerk Duties and Responsibilities:

The duties and responsibilities of an accounting clerk are as follows:

  • Managing the entire financial record keeping system of the accounting department of the company, and keeping authorities updated about recent financial transactions.
  • Creating and maintaining updated ledgers, files, invoices, vouchers, disbursements, expense vouchers, accounts payable, receipts and so on.
  • Posting and verifying details of funds received and funds disbursed on behalf of the company, ensuring they are fed into the company database and maintained as active records.
  • Computing the salaries of employees of the company and ensuring that the funds for the same are dispatched on time.
  • Typing and verifying bank statements, invoices, vouchers and so on.

Accounting Clerk Skills and Specifications:

  • He should be adept at calculations which are the primary task of the accountant clerk.
  • He should be well versed in Microsoft Office, especially in MS Excel as this forms the most important software for the work of an accounting clerk.
  • He should be organized as attention to detail is a very important skill the accountant clerk needs to possess.
  • He should be thoroughly updated about the financial transactions of the company, in order to be in a position to verify and bear witness in case of any miscalculation or fraudulence.

Accounting Clerk Education and Qualifications;

  • High School Diploma or equivalent GED
  • Bachelor’s degree or diploma in Accounts or Business

Accounting Clerk Salary:

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics accounting clerks earns around 33,000USD per year. The salary varies depending upon the type of company and the work profile.

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