Accounting Job Profile and Description

An accounting professional is responsible for preparing, analysing the accounting records and financial statements of the organization. An accounting professional is the person who deals with all the financial aspects of the organization like payroll management, bookkeeping, taxation etc. An organization needs accounting professionals for all the above defined facets where any sort of financial transaction is required. Accountants are required to apply accounting principles for ensuring that all the financial transactions and accounting records are accurate, transparent in front of executive level professionals and are as per company’s regulations.

Accounting Job Duties and Responsibilities

The job responsibilities of an accountant include:

  • Compilation and preparation of periodic financial reports which include monthly, quarterly and annual reports
  • Ensuring that all the financial records and transactions are as per company’s regulations and laws
  • Resolving accounting errors, differences, discrepancies in the financial reports
  • Monitoring, supporting and working on tax payments and issues
  • Developing and maintaining financial databases
  • Responsible for preparation of financial audit, and for coordinating the auditing process
  • Bookkeeping and maintaining all other important financial records & reports
  • Ensuring that all the financial reports and records are developed within stipulated deadlines
  • Analysing the financial status of organization, and market trends, to provide financial suggestions and recommendations to the organization.
  • Supporting and executing budget and financial forecast activities

Accounting Job Skills and Specifications

The skills and qualities required in an accounting professional are:

  • Excellent knowledge of computer skills, MS Office suite and accounting software
  • Good communication skills and must possess problem solving approach
  • Must have good knowledge of accounting techniques and principles, and should be good in planning & organizing
  • Must possess accuracy in accounting processes and should give attention to detail
  • Must be proactive and should have foreseeing qualities to support and financial decisions of the organization.

Accounting Job Education and Qualification

The education requirements of an accounting professional are as follows:

  • Associate or bachelor’s degree in accounting, commerce, mathematics, finance
  • Certificate or diploma level courses in taxation, taxation, database management and spreadsheets or accounting
  • Certifications related with accounting, payroll etc. can also be beneficial
  • Excellent knowledge of economic principles, accounting & auditing principles, accounting laws and regulations etc.

Accounting Job Salary

An accountant works in various positions like of a payroll clerk, payroll administrator, taxation expert, accountant etc. and depending on the role, organization, academic qualifications, experience and skills these professionals draw varying salaries. The average salary range for accountants is $35,000 – $65,000 per annum.

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