Administration Controller Job Description

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Administration controller Job Profile and Description

Administration controllers are employees who are generally hired by banks and other financial institutions to oversee the various financial operations and also manage the accounting related activities of the workplace.

An administration controller must have expertise in the fields of finance and accounting and should have exceptional managerial and administrative skills as well. He/she must be sufficiently qualified for this position and should possess previous working experience as far as administration is concerned. The following is a description of the job, qualifications and duties etc of an administration controller.

Administration controller Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of an Administration controller working in a bank are as follows:

  • An administration controller or a bank controller must oversee and administer the finance related and accounting related operations of the bank.
  • It is the duty of an administration controller to make sure that all the financial reports are error free and accurate. He/she should also ensure that the reports are filed with the authorities on time and in a correct and timely manner.
  • Another duty of an administration controller is to review the capital expenditures on a regular basis. He/she should also make sure that the operating costs are properly reviewed.
  • It is the duty of an administration controller to supervise all the employees and assign finance and accounting duties to them.
  • Some other duties include training new employees and assisting seniors in other administrative duties.

Administration controller Skills and Specifications

The skills and specifications that are required for an Administration controller to be hired are:

  • An administration controller must be a hardworking individual with ample of experience in administration and management.
  • Exceptional communication skills and dedication are the other skills required.
  • He/she must be focussed and should be willing to work for long durations.
  • Time management, math and accounting skills are also needed for the post.

Administration controller Education and Qualification

The educational qualifications required by an administration controller are:

  • It is necessary for an administration controller to have a graduate degree in any field with 3-5 years of experience in banking or accounting.
  • A post graduate degree in management and accounts related subject will surely give an edge over other candidates.

Administration controller Salary

The average median salary of an administration controller is $104000. The salary may vary depending upon the type of organisation and the qualifications of the candidate.

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