Administrative Job Profile and Description

An administrative professional is required to conduct administrative tasks in order to ensure proper functioning of the office. There are several works assigned to the administrative professional. In order to get into this position one must have knowledge about working on MS office as there are various administrative tasks that need to be done using these tools.

The job profile of an administrative includes answering phone calls, dealing with the customers, handling paperwork, maintaining records of the work done, arranging meetings, etc. Though many organizations have this as an entry level job some prefer taking candidates having some work experience in this field.

Administrative Duties and Responsibilities

An administrative handles a number of tasks, few of the job duties handled by him/ her are as follows:

  • Coordinate with the vendors in order to accomplish various tasks.
  • Arrange meetings for the different departments depending upon their requirement.
  • Prepare reports related to the administrative tasks handled.
  • Maintain a record of various tasks completed by different departments.
  • Prepare documents and maintain them.
  • Receive mails and answer them or direct them to the relevant department
  • Maintain a record of all the correspondence.
  • Compile the client’s as well as vendor’s contact details.
  • Handle the visitors, answer their queries and assist them with their work.
  • Direct the visitors to the correct department.
  • Give appointments to the clients.
  • Handle other similar tasks.

Administrative Skills and Specifications

There are certain skills required for handling this position. These are as follows:

  • Knowledge about MS Office: A person aspiring to get into this profession must have a good working knowledge of MS Office as he/ she is required to work on MS Word, Excel and Access.
  • Good communication skills: Since an administrative is required to deal with the clients as well as vendors. He must possess good communication skills.
  • Analytical mind: An administrative must have an analytical mind and the ability to resolve problems quickly and efficiently.
  • Good listening skills: An administrative must also possess good listening skills.
  • Time Management: An administrative must be able to manage time efficiently in order to carry out various tasks within the stipulated time.

Administrative Education and Qualification

The following educational qualification is required to get to become an administrative professional:

  • A high school diploma
  • An Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree in office administration

Administrative Salary

The average salary of an administrative professional is around $ 35,000. The salary differs from company to company and is also based on the candidate’s experience in this field.

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