Art Director Job Description and Profile

Art Directors play an important role in enhancing the visual appearance of a particular product or service. Different companies produce and sell different items but then not all are equally popular amongst the customers. The job of these directors is to communicate the good features of these items to the clients. Hiring, training and directing the staff members in the matter of developing designs concepts also fall under the aegis of thee professionals. They work with the creative directors in order to develop good design solutions. These professionals also review illustrative materials in order to ascertain that they meet the necessary standards and specifications.

Art Director Duties and Responsibilities

  • Working with a copywriter in order to generate ideas that impress the client
  • Working on such designs which are good enough for creating impressive advertising campaign
  • Commissioning the artists, photographers etc for working on several projects
  • Managing projects and trying his/ her best to complete the project within stipulated budget
  • Editing final reports for presenting them to the clients.
  • Formulate basic layout design or presentation approach, and specify material details such as style and size of type, photographs, graphics, animation, video, and sound.
  • Reviewing and approving the proofs of art materials which are prepared by staff members.
  • Managing projects and accounts which working within stipulated budget as well as requirements regarding scheduling.
  • Conferring with art, copy-writing, creative and production departments for discussing about client requirements and for coordinating the creative activities.
  • Presenting the final layouts to the clients for the purpose of approval.
  • Conferring with clients for determining objectives, background information, budget and presentation styles, and methods.

Art Director Education, Training and Qualifications

Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Fine Arts or Humanities is absolutely imperative. Those professionals who come with knowledge of administration, design, and computers are more preferred by the recruiting companies.

Art Director Degrees, Courses & Certification

Many courses on fine arts, direction, or designing etc are offered which need to be taken by these professionals in order to stay aware of the developments in this field.

Art Director Skills and Specifications

  • Good deal of knowledge about photography, printing methods, typography etc.
  • Excellent communication, organization and presentation skills
  • Should possess a wide degree of latitude and creativity
  • Great amount of perseverance with ability to work in team
  • Computer proficiency
  • Ability to deal with criticisms

Art Director Salary/Wage

The salary of an Art Director is about $ 90,000 annually. However, this salary level would greatly vary depending on the experience, expertise, and rank of the professional concerned.

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