Bank Cashier Job Description and Profile

The bank cashier, also known as the bank teller has the duty of looking after the customer transactions and handling money matters related to the bank. This professional has to do everything from collecting of money, disbursing it to handling the customer issues. Though these are the basic duties of the bank cashier, the duties of the cashier might vary depending on the nature of the bank where this professional is employed.

Bank Cashier Duties and Responsibilities

  • Calling the customers in order to gain knowledge about various types of transactions and account related enquiries.
  • Using customized computer system, staying responsible for the day-to-day routine of the bank and other administrative jobs.
  • Working at frontline in order to keep the bank branches running smoothly.
  • Carrying out the processing and administrative tasks in ‘back room’ of bank.
  • Progressing to the Bank Cashier on front desk for dealing with the accounts and enquiries of the bank.
  • Operating in the environment of competitive financial services.
  • Marketing and selling the financial product and service to the customers.
  • Cashing the checks, checking statements, and processing payments related to the bank.
  • Making different types of money transfers and updating the account details.
  • Staying responsible for the money and for the checks, loan payments, deposits and all other monies, which they receive in the day.
  • Performing other basic banking tasks as and when required by the institution itself.

Bank Cashier Education, Training and Qualifications

Bank cashiers need to have a bachelor’s degree in Finance or Accounting and should possess adequate clerical experience. The recruiters offer internship or on-job training to these professionals when they join the banks in order to help them develop the basics of bank accounting.

Bank Cashier Degrees, Courses & Certification

Apart from formal education, these professionals need to take business, math, or related courses to gain knowledge that would help them in the process of operations related to banking.

Bank Cashier Skills and Specifications

  • Ability to communicate efficiently with different types of people
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Good degree of computer literacy
  • Awareness of the confidentiality issues
  • Honest and reliable in nature
  • Ability to pay good deal of attention to accuracy

Bank Cashier Salary/Wage

The salary of a bank cashier is about £8,750 to £10,500 annually. With increase in experience, the salary level also increases and they often obtain profit based bonus schemes.

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