Bridal Consultant Job Profile and Description

Bridal consultants help people in planning weddings. Consultants working for department stores having bridal departments and bridal shops are also known as bridal consultants. Several wedding consultants are often self-employed. They often vend goods and services that they recommend to the groom and the bride. Bridal consultants seek potential customers by scanning engagement announcements on newspapers and internet. They contact the engaged couple and offer the services.

They can also work at churches and consult with the members on weddings. A bridal consultant advices the bride and her attendant on the outfits to be worn for the special day. A bridal consultant suggests fabrics and colors for the dresses and also suggests the wardrobe for the honeymoon.

Bridal Consultant Duties and Responsibilities

The typical duties of a bridal consultant involve the following:

  • Meeting the groom or the bride, as soon as he/she is contacted, for discussing several things like the traditions as also wedding etiquette.
  • Deciding on the theme of the wedding, the venue, attire, flowers, decorations, cakes, speeches, music and photographers.
  • Assisting customers in selecting the correct products and providing assistance on various latest fashion trends for the bride.
  • Analyzing the fabric requirement of the customer and recommending appropriate materials as per size and provide consultation on the best fabric.
  • Taking into account the physical aspects of the client, like the hair color and skin tone and recommending accessories and clothes.
  • Developing and maintaining a professional relationship with various sales associates and vendors and maintaining product knowledge for bridal shows and events.

Bridal Consultant Skills and Specifications

Following are the skills and specifications that a bridal consultant must have:

  • Superb communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Attention to detailing and keeping track of even the tiniest thing that comprises a wedding. Providing the bride with a full and specific answer regarding all queries that she has.
  • Retaining composure under pressure. Brides are usually finicky about their choices and the ability to soothe the bride is a key skill.

Bridal Consultant Education and Qualification

Following are the education and qualifications required for being an environmental consultant:

  • Graduation is not a necessity in this profession.
  • Some experience in planning events is required. A new entrant to the field can gain experience from wedding planning internships or by working as an assistant to experienced wedding planner.

Bridal Consultant Salary

As already said, bridal consultants usually work as independent professionals. They can charge about $2,000 per assignment.

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