A business analyst’s job position is one which requires both technical and computer based knowledge and an in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of business operations. A business analyst is a qualified individual who is appointed in a business organisation to review, make analysis and suggest required changes in the strategies or implementation methods.

They are required to study the business models and put them in the form of documents.  Any person willing to take up this job position must be aware of the detailed description of it. The following points shall be useful in explaining the various details about the position of a business analyst.

Business Analyst Duties and Responsibilities:

The following are the various duties and responsibilities of a business analyst:

  • One of the main responsibilities of a business analyst is to interact with the technical team of the company to understand and analyse the business models.
  • It is the duty of a business analyst to study the documents of a business plan and make necessary changes and new proposals.
  • A business analyst is required to make basic analysis of the industry and thus work upon the company’s health and strategies.
  • A business analyst is required to make costing estimations and defining and stating the scope of different business proposals and projects.
  • A business analyst is responsible for ensuring that the set targets are met with the available resources. They are required to inform the company and implement methods for better results and returns.

Business Analyst Skills and Qualifications:

The following are the skills and qualifications of a business analyst:

  • Knowledge of the technicalities related to the business organisation.
  • Computer based knowledge of various softwares used by the organisation for documentation and developing business models.
  • Knowledge and understanding of HTML, ASP, PHP, JS, SDLC.
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills needed to interact with clients and technical team members.
  • Business analysis skills.

Business Analyst Educational Requirements:

The following are the various educational requirements from a business analyst:

  • High school passing certificate from a recognised school.
  • Bachelor’s degree in any discipline from an accredited college.
  • MBA from an accredited business school.
  • Diploma course in business analysis.
  • Diploma course in computer programs and languages.

Business Analyst Salary:

The average median salary of a person working at the job position of a business analyst is $80000. But this figure might vary from one company to another depending upon the scale of the company, nature of duties etc.

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