A business intelligence specialist or manager is an employee of a business organisation or company who is responsible for designing and development of business strategies and creating and implementing system softwares which are then integrated with the company database. A business intelligence specialist designs BI (Business Intelligence) solutions by selecting, gathering information and blueprinting of the required data and software documents.

This job position can be obtained by only those people who have the required qualifications and skills. Any person who wishes to become business intelligence must have a thorough knowledge of the description of this job. The following information shall be helpful for any such candidate.

Business Intelligence Duties and Responsibilities:

A business intelligence specialist of a company is required to fulfil the following duties and responsibilities:

  • A business intelligence specialist is mainly responsible for the creation of applicable software which meets the reporting and analysis needs of the organisation.
  • A business intelligence specialist is also responsible for the tactical and analytic decision making and troubleshooting as far as documentation of data is concerned.
  • The main duty of a person at the job position of a business intelligence specialist is to ensure that the company has an efficient database structure and that corporate data is available in reporting tools.
  • They provide technical support to the manager of the BI group or department as far as maintenance of data warehouse is concerned.

Business Intelligence Skills and Qualifications:

The following are the skills and qualifications which a business intelligence specialist must possess:

  • A business intelligence specialist must have an innate ability to identify the methods or way to improve the delivery of information, capturing of data and provision of business solutions.
  • He/she must have extensive knowledge of dimensional data warehouse design.
  • A business intelligence specialist must also have strong interpersonal skills, excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • He/she must be a team player and must be able to handle multiple responsibilities at a given time.

Business Intelligence Educational Requirements:

A business intelligence specialist must possess the following given educational requirements:

  • A high school passing certificate from an accredited school.
  • A bachelor’s degree in computer science or any other related field.
  • Diploma course in Java or other computer languages.

Business intelligence salary:

The average median salary of a person at the job position of a business intelligence officer is around is $87000, but this figure could greatly vary depending upon the exact nature of the job or the duties associated with it.

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