A business manager is an individual who is hired by a business organisation or company to handle the overall management and administration of the various operations. Business management is the most important task which can be handled only by an individual who possesses suitable experience and the required qualifications. A business manager must attend to various duties involving finance, accounting and marketing related operations. In large organisations, business managers delegate duties to junior managers or other employees.

Given below is a well detailed job description of a business manager of a business organisation which can be looked into to get a clear idea about the skills, qualifications, academic details etc.

Business Management Duties and Responsibilities:

Any business manager must attend to the following given duties and responsibilities in a company:

  • Business managers play a vital role in providing profitability and viability to an organisation. This is done through assisting the company in reaching its objectives and goals.
  • Business managers are responsible for the supervision of either individual departments or the entire company in case of small business firms.
  • It is the duty of a business manager to plan operations, analyse data, look after marketing and accounts and handle the day to day operations of the office or company.
  • A business manager is also responsible for setting goals or objectives and implementing the strategies to reach these objectives.

Business Manager Skills and Qualifications:

There are certain specific skills and qualifications which are required from a person who is to take up the position of a business manager in a company. The following are a few:

  • A business manager must possess exceptional written and oral communication skills and interpersonal skills.
  • A business manager must be hardworking and must have the ability to handle multiple duties at the same time.
  • A business manager must have in depth knowledge of the workings of all the departments of the company so as to form a link between all of them for the smooth working of the organisation.
  • Exceptional managerial skills and administrative qualities are also required.
  • A bachelor’s degree in any discipline from an accredited college.

Business Manager Educational Requirements:

  • A master’s degree in business administration is a must for a person to become a business manager.
  • Diploma course in management, administration, finance or accountancy can prove to be useful.

Business Manager Salary:

The average median salary for a business manager is $110550 but it greatly varies from one company to another.

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